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By: iFinex Inc.

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Allows you to trade your bitcoin and a few cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange them, using the largest and most advanced platform. Security features are top notch for this platform.

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Provides the largest and most advanced bitcoin trading platform, with customizable interface. Offers advanced chart tool for graphical trading experience.


Requires different maker fees that need to be paid for total trades of less than $7.5 million. Deposits are free most of the time, except for wire transfer deposit that requires a certain fee.

Bitfinex is a bitcoin trading and exchange marketplace platform provided by iFinex Inc., a financial trading company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island. The platform has grown into the largest and most advanced bitcoin trading marketplace, which offers lots of features for traders, buyers, and sellers of bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies. The platform provides bitcoin traders with customizable interface to keep their trading experience personal and unique.

Advanced Bitcoin Trading And Exchange Marketplace

The biggest feature of Bitfinex is the platform itself, which is considered the most advanced Bitcoin trading platform in the market. It allows you to trade various types of cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange any type of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, in a very simple way. It has the liquid exchange rate that is unrivaled in the market today, meaning that you can always get the most accurate value for each bitcoin that you want to exchange. You can also buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the best value that you can get in the market. Whatever your deal, this platform can give you the best profit and leverage for you.

Top-notch Security That Keeps All Users’ Funds And Assets Safe

Without a good security, a bitcoin trading platform is not a safe place for you to invest in. The good news is that this platform offers top-notch security features that are often not available in other similar platforms. These features keep your funds and digital assets safe in a secured wallet, which only you can access and use. It has become the top priority for the company to protect user funds and information within the platform, and it has become the standard for the company to give you different security measures to keep your account safe, such as withdrawal protection, 2-factor authentication, advanced API key permission, and so on.

Margin Funding And Margin Trading That Provide Good Leverage

If you want to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bitfinex, you don’t need to worry about the profit potential that you can get. This is the platform that gives you a good leverage in margin funding and margin trading. Using the peer-to-peer margin funding platform, you can receive up to 3.3 times leverage when you trade within this platform. It means more leverage than the amount offered by other similar platforms. With margin funding, you get the funding that you need at the best possible rate that you can get at the time.

Customizable Interface With Advanced Chart Tools

This platform offers not only an advanced trading platform, but also a trading platform that you can relate to. It means that you can make your bitcoin trading experience personal and unique by customizing the interface of the platform according to your preferences. In this way, you don’t need to stare at the same old user interface that might get you bored very easily. Moreover, it offers advanced chart tools, so that you can monitor the market using the graphical chart interface that is easier to understand and follow. With this feature, you don’t need to miss on the big opportunity ever again.


Bitfinex offers the largest and most advanced bitcoin trading marketplace platform that you can use to trade and exchange your bitcoin anytime you need. The security offered by this platform is top notch, providing various security measures to keep your user information and account secure all the time. It also has the leverage that is bigger than most other similar platforms, which give more potential profit for your trades. Moreover, you can customize your platform user interface to suit your preferences, with graphical chart tools to keep things monitored more effectively. Overall, this is the platform that you should use if you are looking for a trustworthy, secure, and reliable bitcoin trading and exchange platform that gives the best value for your digital assets.

Top Features

  • Offers Exchange
  • Get Margin Trading
  • Explore Margin Funding
  • Select Order Type
  • Get Customisable Interface
  • Access To Digital Asset
  • Get Chart Tools
  • Allow Professional Trading
  • Get Corporate Accounts
  • Get API Platform


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