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By: Tools For Sales, Inc.

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BizPlan Builder remains a hugely supportive software solution for entrepreneurs with unparalleled support, and works for all kinds of business plans with ease.

Detailed Review


Numerous supporting articles and documents, easy startup, best built-in support


Excel based financial models, Tad convoluted for startups

BizPlan Builder comes from the JIAN, who has been in the field of designing business plan software for almost two decades. The company was founded in 1988 and clamin to have sold more than 2 million copies of their BizPlanBuilder. This unique business plan software is just right for those entrepreneurs and planners, who are seeking to convert business ideas into complete plans and get the adequate financing with the right plan. While startups can still use the software,

BizPlan Builder works very well for advanced works, including strategy development and valuation analysis.The main idea of this software is to get the business plan impressive for the right pitch. To facilitate the same, there amazing number of tools of both analytical and financial in nature coupled with a huge diversity of business resources.

The main idea of this software is to get the business plan impressive for the right pitch. To facilitate the same, there amazing number of tools of both analytical and financial in nature coupled with a huge diversity of business resources.


BizPlanBuilder originally started off for Windows, which was planned to help business managers and entrepreneurs with ideas and other aspects of financial projections. The company, later on, has introduced the same software on the online version with point-&-click financial models and better templates coupled with easy upgrades. The online version is promised with instructional videos and better planning ideas by making the most of the internet.

Features at a Glance

JIAN has designed BizPlan Builder software with an amazing interface for both the versions, ensuring all elements of a business plan can be reached, checked, edited and revised with ease. The step-by-step assistance at all steps is commendable, but what makes that worthy is the spontaneous menu, which ensures one can work for every level and step as and when needed without any delusion. Files are stored securely on the web and can be accessed through phone or desktop with ease, and thus retaining the basics of multi-user function at best.

Introduction to Planning with Pre-Planning Tools and Cover Letters

BizPlan Builder software has been designed with certain preplanning tools that come in an easy Word format for editing. This includes bio templates, plan assessment questions, email intros for others, and personal assessment questions to mention a few. Also there are additional sample cover letters that can be sent to various interested parties including Angel investors, individual lenders, investment bankers and venture capitalists.

Research Plus Forecasting Tools

There are huge numbers of documents that come with this software, easing the task of researching to a large extent. There are non-disclosure agreements, business financing docs, templates for newsletters, worksheet, checklists and more. However, it’s the presence of the forecasting tools that make BizPlan Builder a true winner. There are tools like feasibility analysis, financial model tools along with a good number of articles and docs that will help in financial determinations and assumptions with ease. Although the financial models are on Excel, there is a easy popup guide and tabs with colors to help you find ways in the complicated looking spreadsheets.

Additional Support, Help & Import Factors

As mentioned, this software runs on Microsoft Excel, so import functionality lies much there, while one can also import from Word and PowerPoint. In terms of easiness in use and support, BizPlan Builder is certainly the best with huge supporting documents and amazing templates. No matter whether it is about PRs or resume templates, everything is loaded in full for quick help when needed. Also, there are help docs for deal pitching and creating financial models along with checklists for dealing with investor questions among others.


On the whole, JIAN has ensured BizPlan Builder stays a step ahead in the market with amazing support and huge number of tools for business planning without much complication. This is not just any other software for startups, but it aids managers and policy makers in more ways than one.


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