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Capsule CRM provides easy online CRM software that helps businesses to manage all their customer relationships in a simple, effective, and flexible way. It features complete contact view, contact sharing, contact categorization, email communication tracking, document and file attachments, detailed reports, and more. The service is provided by Zestia Ltd., a company based in England.

Detailed Review


Provides a simple CRM platform to organize customer information, collaborate with team members, and increase your sales. Allows you to customize your dashboard.


The free version doesn’t include premium integrations with popular platforms, such as Xero and MailChimp. Small storage limitation per user, with limited number of users in the free plan.


Allows you to manage all customers and sales in one simple, customizable dashboard, which is easy to set up in a few minutes. Mobile version is available if you want to access the platform on the go.

Capsule CRM is a customer relationship management platform provided by Zestia Ltd, a company founded in 2009 and based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company was built as a response to the lack of high quality CRM platforms that customers can use in a simple way, which at the time, most CRM platforms were either too simple or too complicated for the customers. The focus of the company is to provide a simple CRM platform that anyone can use, with various features, such as premium integrations, customization, collaboration, simple customer organization, and more.

Manage And Organize Customer Information In One Dashboard

The good thing about Capsule CRM is that once you open the dashboard, you can find all the information that you need about your customers in one page. From the dashboard, you can take a look at your contact information, the conversations with your customers, the important files and documents that you have shared with your contacts, and more. Also, from your dashboard, you can manage your sales in any way that you want, as well as create reports about your sales and see the sales insights that can be useful for your business.

Collaborate With Team Members To Do Various Tasks

This CRM platform also helps you to make collaboration easier, meaning that you can do various tasks together with your team members to get things done more quickly. You can share your contact information with other team members and discuss various things with your team members as necessary. You can create new tasks so that all team members can see it, as well as see the task progress in real time. You can also assign each task for each team member and monitor their progress in one simple dashboard. In this way, it keeps the workflow smooth and steady for your business.

A Complete Summary Of Your Business Progress

While Capsule CRM is a simple CRM platform, it does bring important features around, such as a detailed summary about your business. With this platform, you can see the full information about your contacts, interactions, vendors, social media platforms, and more. The good thing about it is that you can track each and every aspect of your customer in your business, how many sales that you have made with each customer, important business statistics, and so on. You can also share each information with your team members, so that they can interact with the customers better.


Capsule CRM is not a too simplistic customer relationship management platform, and yet, it is not too complicated as well. It brings all the important features to the table, such as premium integrations, dashboard customization, customer information organization, collaboration with team members, and many more, without confusing the users about how to use the platform effectively. It gives you all the information regarding your business progress, especially sales, as well as detailed information about each customer. It brings a simple management for your customers, so that you can interact with them more easily. Overall, this is a simple, yet full-featured customer relationship management platform that you can use to improve your relationship with your customers, as well as manage a good relationship with them.

Top Features

Contacts Management
  • Contact View
  • Categorize Contacts
  • Share Contacts
  • Adding Notes
  • Tracking Email Communications
  • Attaching Documents
  • Importing Contacts
Sales Management
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Adding Notes & Documents
  • Sales History
  • Generate Reports & Extracts
  • Mobile App
  • Google Apps
  • Invoicing and Accounting Software
  • Email List Marketing
  • Website Forms
  • Website Chat
  • Help Desk
  • Email Tracking
  • Contracts and Proposals
  • Telephony and VOIP
  • Job and Time Tracking
  • Data Security
  • Controlled Access
  • Full Backups
  • Data Master Copy


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Startup
  • Small Business
Pricing Model
  • Free Plan
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Pay As You Go


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Company Information

Company Name: Zestia Ltd

Founded In: 2012

Address: 20 Dale St, Manchester, UK

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