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By: Direct Checks Unlimited Sales, Inc.

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High Security Business Checks, Securiguard® features like security hologram, chemically sensitive paper, heat sensitive ink, Special Edition Checks, Essential Check Accessories, Check book Covers.


Sometimes the check designs offered by Check Unlimited seem lesser in number compared to its competitors yet designs that are offered are amongst the top designs in market.

Checks Unlimited was established in 1986 as the first major check printing service provider located in Colorado Springs. The main objective of the company is to provide high quality checks and by concentrating on these checks unlimited has evolved and expanded over the years as per the market trends and customers’ requirements. While at the time of starting only 13 check designs were available, now they offer 70 personal check designs along with a full line of address labels, check-related accessories, checkbook covers, and business checks. Different licensed designs offered by them also include many of America's favorite icons or the characters. The apt technique used for check printing lets them include the logo, MICR, signatures, etc. all in the most apt manner.

Business Checks

Business check printing has become quite prevalent these days due to the efficiency and convenience it provides to its users. A business product division of Checks Unlimited provides security checks that protect your business from different check frauds. It includes Securiguard checks that have high security features such as security hologram, chemically sensitive paper, heat sensitive ink, etc. There are such a variety of companies that offer business check printing, but the inclusion of the feature of guaranteed security makes Checks Unlimited stand tall amongst them. Such a variety of manual checks, deposit tickets, computer checks, check accessories, etc. are also properly included in the feature sets of business checks provided by Checks Unlimited.

Special Edition Checks

Different special edition checks that are offered by Checks Unlimited are one of the most unique features of these checks as they come in a great variety of designs and they are also constantly changing as per any popular trend or any specific event. There are some all time classic best sellers amongst these special edition checks such as gone with the wind, admiral, batman and so many more. Many other popular special checks are betty boop - just say boop, celebrate carth, disney classics, and so on. With different formats specifically designed to suit every need, you get special edition checks that promote your business with impressive styles through a variety of custom lettering, monograms, and logos.

Checkbook Covers

As the love and interest of each individual varies the collection of the checkbook cover of Checks Unlimited includes such a variety of designs and styles. They include checkbook covers that suit the interest of everyone such as for animal lovers there is availability of animal checkbook covers that include eagles, dragonflies, whales, etc. on their covers while for the cartoon lovers covers all of their favorite characters is available. Different cartoon checkbook covers are batman cover, betty boop cover, classic disney covers, and so on. In addition to all this there is also the inclusion of classic checkbook covers, debit organizer covers, inspirational checkbook covers, etc. Such a wide variety of checkbook covers ensure that you will easily get the one that will aptly showcase your individuality.

Check Accessories

Checks Unlimited also offers such a variety of check accessories like checkbook covers, check registers, sheeted address labels, address stampers, rolled address labels, RFID wallets. All these varieties of quality accessories are designed to coordinate with your favorite personal check designs. Check registers include deposit records and 40 full pages. Just like checkbook covers, address labels also come in a variety of styles and designs such as animal address labels, cartoon address labels, classic address labels, and so many more. Different stampers guard your ID stamp like angel stamp, flag stamp, monogram stamp, etc. Address labels also coordinate with your check designs and RFID wallets guarantee security.


Checks Unlimited includes a wide variety of designs and styles of accessories that perfectly coordinate with your checks. They offer high security checks and hence they competently prevent any sort of check fraud. For managing your business finances, you can quite easily get a wide variety of tools with checks unlimited. If you wish to have a customized personal check for you then the company also offers the special features that include different popular designs and classic themes. If you like then you can also order different personal checks in such a variety of image formats. Additionally, you are also offered with a number of check types comprising side-tear checks and duplicate checks. So, selecting business checks of Checks Unlimited will be a beneficial selection as they include a wide variety of reliable services.

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