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ClickInc is affiliate tracking software for anyone to start an affiliate program. This software allows users to create new affiliate programs, manage existing ones, recruit affiliates and track their affiliate marketing efforts. The software also helps site owners in getting SEO ranks and more traffic through their affiliate programs. ClickInc also generates automatic reports containing details about affiliate sales, clicks and sales amount for specific time-period.

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It has unique features called TruLink, along with a system that will allow you to get notification via email and SMS messages. Lots of standard features to use to manage your affiliate business, with affordable monthly pricing plans according to your need.


No licensed version avaialble. Lacking some standard features


ClickInc offers an affordable solution for any business who wants to manage their affiliate program effectively, and with various features offered with this software, you will be able to get maximum result from your affiliate business.

ClickInc is an affiliate management software created in 2004 by, a company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company comprises mostly of individuals who have skills in developing software for affiliate business, and they have been involved directly within the affiliate marketing industry for more than 10 years.

Aside from the head office located in Canada, they also have a branch in Mumbai, India, with over 75 people working directly with the company. With over 10 years of experience, the company has successfully managed small and big affiliate programs from various companies around the world.

Special Features

The one thing that makes ClickInc different from other affiliate tracking software is that it has its own unique features, which are called TruLink and Alerts. TruLink will allow you to improve your SEO ranking with the help of your affiliates, as well as helping you to be able to track your affiliates in a simpler way, using only the registered URL of your affiliate, without the need to use an affiliate ID. Alerts is a system that will notify you about the change in your affiliate’s traffic via email and SMS messages. When the affiliate’s traffic is down, Alerts will give you a notification to let you know about the problem.

Affiliate Management Features

ClickInc has many useful features that will allow you to manage your affiliates more effectively. All affiliate management tools will be provided to you along with an accurate tracking system. Some of the useful features you will find in the affiliate management area are affiliate grouping based on performance, coupon creation, tier commission options, custom cookie settings, the ability to accept or deny affiliate, seamless email communication with affiliates, affiliate promotion tools, the ability to send follow-up messages to affiliates, fraud prevention, payment option, and commission settings.

Tracking Features

ClickInc software offers various robust tracking tools for merchants and affiliates to give accurate performance data for each party. As an affiliate, you will be able to track your website traffic. As a merchant, you will be able to set a lifetime commission for certain affiliate sales, create recurring orders or subscriptions, use custom cookie settings, create multiple campaigns, and take a look at the referring URL for your sales.

Reporting Features

The reporting features offered by ClickInc service comprise of various types of accurate and detailed reporting that will help you to get the big picture about your affiliate business. You can post a daily task in the affiliate dashboard and assign the task to specific affiliates. You can also compare your traffic performance in day-to-day basis or in whatever comparison that you need to do. You can search specific affiliates through their name or email in order to pull a complete data about their performance in your affiliate program. Moreover, you will be able to request a trends report in the form of graphs that will summarize your affiliate performance in terms of clicks, sales, and other factors.


If you need a reliable affiliate tracking software without having to worry of paying thousands of dollars for a single license, ClickInc is a program that will cater all your affiliate business needs.

The software offers a wide-range of features that will help you to manage as well as track your affiliate business in a simple way, without burdening your own server with the installation of the whole software. The pricing plans are flexible enough to meet your needs based on the size of your business. You can choose the right plan for your business based on your need, with 30-day money back guarantee for each plan.

Top Features

Managing Tools
  • Marketing/Tracking Coupons
  • Affiliate Performance Groups
  • Multi-Tier Commissions
  • Customized Affiliates Emailing
  • Affiliate Cookie Expiration
  • Adjustable Affiliate Emails
  • WSWYG Editors
  • Emails Follow-Up
  • Merchant Messages
  • Multiple Marketing Options
  • Creating Managers
  • Manual Affiliate Approval
  • Automated Affiliate Approval
  • Detecting Frauds
  • Affiliates Commission Settings
  • Affiliate Lists Export/Import
  • Merchant Messages
  • Product Commission Settings
  • Affiliate Traffic Tracking
  • Cookie Expiration Tracing
  • Tracing Pixels
  • Repeated Orders Trace
  • Referral Domains.
  • Affiliate Activity Alerts
  • Traffic Comparison
  • Searching Affiliates
  • Visualizing Activity Trends


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