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By: GetResponse Sp. z o.o.

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ClickMeeting provides online meeting and webinar platform that allows you to meet and collaborate with others anytime and anywhere. It features desktop sharing, webinar statistics, one-click recording, meeting room rebranding, private chat, as well as tests and surveys. There are five pricing options available: ClickMeeting 25, ClickWebinar 50, ClickWebinar 100, ClickWebinar 500, and ClickWebinar 1000.

Detailed Review


No need of technical expertise, intuitive and user-friendly interface, support up to 1000 attendees


Requires bigger plan (enterprise) for 500+ attendees.


A sleek and clean cloud-based conferencing tool facilitating any virtual meeting with little or no learning curve for small- to medium-size businesses that prefer sophisticated features, fair pricing, and cross-platform compatibility

ClickMeeting is run by the same owners who manage the largely popular email marketing solution, GetResponse. Until recently, the company operated under the name of Implix but has recently re-branded themselves under the GetReponse name due to the company’s prominent position in the internet industry.

On-the-go Instant Translation

This is ClickMeeting’s shining feature that competing software can’t brag about. ClickMeeting offers a translation feature to collaborate with other foreign speaking clients so they don’t feel left out. You simple type a chat and translate it using the Google Translate tool so you can have a real-time conversation running without the need for an intermediary. The only problem with this is that Google Translate may not always be accurate which can lead to certain elements of a conversation being lost in translation. Nevertheless it is still a great bridge to the language barrier.

Video and Audio Conferencing Using VOIP

A core feature of any web conferencing software, ClickMeeting provides more than a decent service to enable seamless audio and video conversation with multiple parties even with mediocre bandwidth. ClickMeeting utilizes standardized VOIP technology to accomplish this with ease.

Software & Mobile

The software is one of the most important aspects as a buggy application can lead to more frustration rather than problem solving with clients. ClickMeeting primarily relies on a flash based web interface. This may not come across as the ideal solution however the developers of the service have done a great job of creating a speedy, efficient flash system that will function well on any standard browser. ClickMeeting also entertains mobile communicating with the availability of a mobile application that contains virtually all of the features as the web application. It supports Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.


Branding may play a vital role when conducting web conferencing on a business level. While it does not do much harm to have a promotional logo of the web conferencing service you are using, having a completely branded interface containing your logo and company name can leave a firm positive impression on the minds of the client. ClickMeeting not only allows you to upload your own logo but you can customize the colors of the interface to match your company’s theme.

Share Your desktop

This may prove to be more useful for certain types of services than other but if you are looking to explain a report to a group of people, the easiest way would be to share your screen and use your mouse pointer as a laser pointer presentation style to explain figures and data in the report. You can capitalize further on this feature if you offer a software service for instance where you can provide detailed tutorials by sharing your computer interface.

Developer Tools

if you manage a large scale enterprise and would like a custom solution that integrates with existing tailor made software. The API offered with ClickMeeting is comprehensive and you can advice your developer to integrate the software in to your existing applications effectively.

Social Integration

ClickMeeting heavily supports social media which is an integral form of communication. You can use ClickMeeting from within Facebook by installing the Facebook app. Alternatively you can create appointments and meetings and publish this information on relevant social media networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Top Features

Conferencing Types
  • Video Conferencing
  • Free Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
Conferencing Tools
  • Meeting Room Rebranding
  • Full Desktop Sharing
  • Full Desktop Control
  • Moderated Questions Answers
  • Private Chat
  • Simultaneous Chat Translation
  • ClickMeeting API
  • Mobile App
  • Record Meetings
  • Account Panel
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Polls Creation
  • Online Room
  • Data Statistics


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription


Overall Visibility Score 45.40

Score Influencers

  • Overall
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Website Mentions
  • Estimated Visitors

Company Information

Company Name: GetResponse Sp. z o.o.

Founded In: 2008

Address: Ul. Arkońska 6/a3 80-387, Gdańsk, Poland

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