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This is one reliable service provider, especially for those who are interested in buying Bitcoins without having to worry about safety and security. Moreover, this platform boasts of a professional layout, clubbed with the simplest of registration policies.

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Offers responsive and fast customer-centric services in addition to higher purchase limits. The services are currently rendered globally, spanning across multiple nations.


Higher processing fees for existing purchases are often hard to ignore and this service isn’t made available to the select U.S residents, at least for now.

Coinmama simplifies Bitcoin purchases and offers a host of services to the existing customers. The company allows users to register online for the exchange services by pairing debit and credit card details. Although PayPal isn’t accepted, other features certainly make up for this minor pitfall. In addition to that, U.S citizens residing abroad can also make use of this exchange service by furnishing documented proofs.  Lastly, this is one Israel based Bitcoin broker with an interactive platform at the helm.

Privacy Measures

Coinmama comes forth with some of the best safety measures when it comes to purchasing digital currencies. For starters, the company allows customers to purchase Bitcoins worth $150 without asking for ID proofs or concerned documents. Although for purchases amounting more than $150, identity verification is important. This portal doesn’t even save credit card information in concerned databases, making the purchases and remittance completely transparent. Lastly, customers need not face the stringent verification rules for the initial exchanges.

Understanding Limits, Liquidity and Speed

These three aspects actually determine the efficacy of an online wallet. In case of Coinmama, customers get some of the highest purchase limits in comparison to other brokers. When it comes to Bitcoin valuation a daily limit of $5000 is assigned followed by a monthly mark of $20,000.  Apart from generous limits and decent liquidation rates, this Bitcoin broker is also known for its speed with any form of verification taking no more than 10 minutes to conclude. Moreover, once the initial verifications are taken care of, the deliverables are processed instantly.

Reputation and Associated Fees

When it comes to reputation, this company comes with a lot of credibility. While this online portal has been around for quite a long time, it keeps on updating the feature sets on a regular basis. Moreover, the company has been active since the very inception of Bitcoin, allowing exchanges via credit and debit cards. The higher processing fees associated with this online platform has been criticized by many customers but the perks and benefits on offer actually validate the considerably higher rates. At present, the processing fee for card-based exchanges are somewhere in the ballpark of 6 percent.

Various Features

Coinmama is one platform that keeps on adding newer features for its enthusiastic customers. One of the most functional attributes includes the real-time Bitcoin to USD calculator that actually notifies the user about the number of deliverables to be purchased, depending upon the valuation. In addition to that, customers can also make use of the extremely transparent affiliate program, exclusively associated with this company. This feature allows registered customers to earn digital currencies by promoting the exchange schemas in an organic manner. Apart from that, this online broker is fast adding newer languages to its database; precisely for making the platform interactive even for the non-English users.


Coinmama is an extremely efficient digital currency broker that actually thrives on the fluctuating global currencies. Moreover, this portal stacks up some of the best features in the existing category without being too flashy about the same. The best part about this online wallet happens to be the professional layout, clubbed with smooth transactions and minimal hassles. Although there are certain restricted demographics to work with, this company achieves everything that is expected of a reliable Bitcoin vendor.

Top Features

  • Worldwide Access
  • Accept Credit/Debit Card
  • High Spending Limit
  • Quick Verification Process
  • Fast Delivery
  • Popular Cryptocurrencies Available
  • Get Customer Support


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