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By: NCH Software Pty Ltd

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Available for various platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, iPad, Android, and Kindle. One-time purchase that will allow you to use the software indefinitely.


No support for various online payment gateways. Requires software installation, No cloud version.


Express Invoice is a complete invoicing software that you can install directly on your device, and it supports multiple platforms. It offers various features that will allow you to keep track of your customer payment, send the invoice directly to their fax number and email address, and let other users use the same system via the web interface.

Express Invoice is an invoicing software created by NCH Software, a software company founded in 1993. The company has headquarter in Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA, and development office in Canberra, Australia. Aside from creating Express Invoice, NCH Software also produces various business software, such as time attendance software, project management software, accounting software, inventory software, and so on.

Create Invoice Easily

Express Invoice allows you to create invoices easily. You can also create quotes and orders for your business and store all the data within the software database. Each invoice that you create can be customized with your company logo, custom header text, custom notes, and so on. Then, you can save your invoice in the form of a PDF file or send your invoice via email or fax directly from the software.

Schedule Recurring Invoice

When it comes to creating recurring invoices for your business, you can do that by scheduling it from within the software interface. You just need to create a new invoice, and then set the schedule for you to send the invoice automatically to your customers’ email addresses or fax numbers. You can also send statements automatically to customers that have overdue payments. You can set the tax rate for each of your products when it is required for you to do so.

Take The Software Online

Not only will you be able to use the software offline, you will also be able to log in to your online account that is connected with the software. The web interface of Express Invoice will allow you to send invoices to multiple businesses automatically. You can also allow your employees to access the software from your company’s internal network, as well as the internet, using the web interface. Aside from accessing the web interface directly from the software itself, you can also access it from your mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Android devices.

Reporting Features

The software offers easy reporting for you to know the detailed data for all your invoices, including the reports for paid and unpaid invoices. Also, you will be able to see the reports of your accounting and sales person performance as well. These complete reporting features are quite comprehensive, and you will be able to save your report for later viewing, as well as compare it with the previous reports that you have. You can also print the report for offline viewing and archival purpose.

Integration With Inventoria

Express Invoice allows native integration with Inventoria, which is an online service to track your inventory data. This is very useful if you are selling physical goods and need to maintain stock inventory in your warehouse. Express Invoice will help you to keep track of your inventory, as well as send invoices only for products that are available in your inventory. With this feature, you will minimize the risk of sending the invoice to your customers with products that are not available in your inventory, in which case you will need to refund the money back to your customers.


If you are not a fan of using an online invoicing service and paying the monthly subscription fee for it, Express Invoice might be your ideal solution. You can purchase the license of this software, install it on your machine, and use it forever. Express Invoice provides comprehensive features that are available in most online invoicing services in the market. However, it lacks the online payment integration service, which might be a disadvantage for you if you are running an online business. Still, the software offers various features for you to keep track of your invoice and automate the invoicing process for your business, which is good for you if you are running a local business that needs to create daily invoices.

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David | Submitted On: August 24, 2016, 2:35 pm


Fantastic and very easy to use program. I have using it since years without any problem. Allows using it for free.


Hope they have cloud version soon.


Not just Express Invoice but i have tried many other product from this Aussie company. They're indeed great. However i have tried Express Invoice, it is very simple and easy to use. You can create company/client profiles to create invoices and send PDFs to your customers. If you want more features, you need paid version.


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