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File Viewer Plus allows you to convert, edit, and open more than 300 different types of files. The software allows viewing and editing many kinds of documents, videos, images, emails, pdfs, and so on. There is a built-in batch conversion option to convert documents. The product also allows image editing as well as viewing metadata of the file. It is currently available for Windows only.

Detailed Review

The technology was always intended to ameliorate and pacify things for us. Documentation has become virtual or more correctly digital all over the world. From a small startup firm to an MNC, the communication has become paperless. The common man has come a long way from a typewriter to advanced documentation software. We can write, edit, and beautify the content of our page easily through them.  

So far as technical writing is concerned, the need for various file formats appeared before us, and the result is what we see today in the form of several formats of the file that we create and share every day through one medium or the other.

File Viewer Plus is a member of this community of file editing software. It does not only allow you to create and edit a file but also helps you in converting them in other formats. It provides various other features like orientations, insertions, page layout, and many more.


  • It supports many file formats.
  • It can convert almost every file format to another format.
  • Since the interface is quite like the ‘Word,’ therefore, it is easy to use.
  • It allows for inserting and editing images, icons, symbols, and tables.


  • You can open and edit a file through this software, but you cannot create a new one.
  • Some issues may generate while saving the edited file.
  • A few file formats have their limitations.


Are you fatigued of searching for online file editors and convertors for your file? Does your converter fail to organize the content after conversion? File Viewer Plus waits there to serve you.

You might create a file in Docx format but wish to share it in a PDF format so that no one can edit it. Alternatively, you create some file using some desktop documenting software but then surf online for hours to convert it into other formats. It is also possible that the converter you choose to convert the file changes the organization of the text of the file.

File Viewer Plus helps you to get a spurn of these problems.

There are many features in this software that allow you to get a desirable, organized, and easily sharable file. We shall go through all the features and functions of the software and try to analyze them.

We shall elaborate on some features and try to compare them with other software of the same kind. Hopefully, in the end, we shall be able to make a verdict regarding it.

Installation and some basic features

Downloading and installation of the software is easy. You can download the software by visiting the official website of the software and then can install it further. You can choose the version or can choose a trial version for a few days.

When you finish the installation procedures, you can launch the software. As soon as you launch the software on the computer, it asks you whether you want to open a file or convert any of them.

Depending upon your selection, the software leads you to the corresponding window of the software. We shall discuss both one by one.

If you choose to open a file, it allows you to select a file from your computer that you want to open. The file you selected opens in the software. The interface looks pretty much the same as the ‘Word,’ that we have on our computers.

As you can see in the image, the toolbar contains File, Home, Document, Insert, Page Layout, References, Review, and View options.

Few of which are the same as those we see in the ‘Word.’

The ‘file’ provides you options like open a file, close, export file info helps you to view the information regarding the file that is currently opened in the software.

The following option is ‘convert files’ that leads you to the file converting window of the software through where you can convert the file into the desired format.

‘Close all tabs,’ Preferences, and exit are further few sub-options within ‘File.’

The software provides some Hotkeys for every function.

The section beside these options, allows you to view a list of documents on which you worked recently.

‘Home’ is the next option that follows the file.

This option allows you to acquire information about the file through the ‘file info’ sub-option. The software shows information in three sections, which are file information, document information, and metadata. All three of them contain different information about the current document.

‘Inspect,’ the option following the file info, allows you to read the files in three different views, these three views are text view, hex view, an icon view. However, these views are of little use to an ordinary user because not everyone can read the text in these encoded forms. From an organization’s perspective, it is useful to maintain the security and confidentiality of the document.

Moreover, there is also a help option that leads you to the help page of the product’s official website.

‘Document’ is another option that provides you various editing and augmenting options for your document.

The software allows you to change the font size, font style, and color of the font. You can add bullets, numbers, and subscripts to the document. Also, you can add effects like bold, italic, underline. The software also allows changing the alignment of the text of the document. You have essential editing functions like cut, copy, and paste to insert any data from other documents or to remove some data. Replace and find options are also available.

Moreover, you can change the background color of some text, and you can also adjust and manage the line spacing between the text of the document.

Therefore, we can say it provides all the editing features and features of ‘Microsoft Word,’ except for the function of creating a new file.

Text is not enough

Sometimes, a text document is not about only plain text. You might also need to add some pictures, tags, icons, or symbols to the document. You might also want the readers to refer to some other links or pages to maintain clarity in reading. A hyperlink can help you to achieve this.

If you are creating an official document or some document to pursue a deal or for any other professional purpose, you might need some table to allow the readers to read the figures or say budget.

You can achieve all this through ‘Insert.’

‘Insert’ allows you to insert a picture, bookmark, hyperlink, table, symbol, header, footer, and page number to the document.

The image above shows a table that you can insert into a document. The software asks you to enter the number of rows and columns to create a table.

The column size increases according to the data entered in it.

You can also insert a picture in your document. It can be an inline picture or a standard picture. An inline picture is an image that you can insert in between lines, or in a row or column of a table.

If you want the readers to jump directly to some specific content or portion of the page, you can add bookmarks. The software provides hyperlinks for accessing this portion.

Bookmarks are required to mark the data that the readers might need for reference while reading the document.

You can also create a hyperlink for any external document, page or window, or webpage.

You can also insert some text, symbol or picture at the header and footer of the pages of the document.

The image below shows the collection of the symbols that the software provides you. You can also choose various font styles for the inserted symbols.

Other available options

Page layout, references, review, and view are other options that are available in the software. Page layout provides you customizations in the style, color, and orientation of the pages of the document.  ‘References’ provides a few features for the text or the inserted table of the document. ‘Review’ allows you to review and comment on the document with some more additional features. View feature helps you to preview the document.

We shall elaborate on these features one by one to know about any new additions to them.

Page layout and references

The page layout feature allows you to have some effects on the pages of the document. You can add and modify the margins. ‘Orientation’ allows you to have either a landscape or a portrait view of the page. You can also adjust the size of the pages of the document. Some standard sizes like A4, A5 and a few more are available by default. Also, you can acquire some other desired size by entering the size manually.  

If you are making a comparison and require two or more columns, you can achieve this through ‘columns.’ Page break,’ the following option allows you to create sections or columns on a single page. Alternatively, you can break the page and can insert a new page.


Through line number, you can mark the lines of your document. If you want the software to continue the numbering of lines in the entire document, it is possible along with the function that allows you to begin again on every new page of the document.

Moreover, if you do not want the numbering to start with one, you can select or say you can enter the number with which you want to begin. There are a few more customizations with numbering like suppressing paragraphs.

A White-colored paper might not fit for some documents. The requirement of the page color may vary depending upon the purpose for which you create it. It is when the ‘page color’ option comes to use. You can choose the background color of the page through this option. The software provides the primary colors for this as well as allows you to generate some custom colors. Naturally, you can see the result on the pages if the printer you use supports colored printing.

‘References’ allows you to add a table of contents, table of figures, or a table of equations to the document.

Moreover, you can also insert some captions or text to the document. If you require to enter some data to the table that you have already inserted, you can use the option ‘update table.’

Review and view

Just like all other features, the review feature also provides the same options as the Word. You can enable the spell check for the document that allows the software to detect any misspelled word in the document. Also, you can new words or new spellings to the dictionary of the software.

The software can also help you in proof-reading a document. It allows you to add some comments regarding the text while you proofread it. If the document you work on is a private or confidential document, you can protect it with the help of a password.

Enabling password does not allow all the readers to edit the file. One can only read the document. To edit or add something to the document, one would require a password.

View option allows you to have different views of the document. You can have a simple view, draft view, and print layout. Also, the software provides you horizontal and vertical rulers, to adjust the horizontal and vertical view of the document.

Converting a file

In this section, we shall discuss the features that help you in converting the file from one format to another. The software allows you to convert almost every format of the file to other formats.

As you can see in the image, the software allows you to select the format of the file you want to convert. The formats that you can convert to other formats include PDF, text, Presentations, Visio files, Image files, Camera raw files, Audio files, Video files, and Email files. Besides, these formats, you can add other formats as well by using ‘advance’ filter options. Through this, you can get formats like Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, icon and many others.

The presentation that you create using Microsoft PowerPoint can also be converted to any document or any other file format. It is useful if you want the exact content of the presentation in any text file or documentations.  Some of the formats like PDF cannot be edited after conversion, while with many other formats the file remains editable. Some formats, particularly the image or picture formats also allow you to adjust the quality of the output file.

Similarly, in the next section of the window, you can choose the format in which you want to convert your document. The options you get for converting your file depends upon the file you want to convert. It means that not every file format can be converted to every other file format. There are certain limitations with every file format.

If there is a text file that contains some other folders or subfolders in it. You can convert them simultaneously with the main file folder. Alternatively, you also have a choice whether to convert or not to convert those folders or subfolders.

Moreover, the software also allows you to create an output folder for the converted files. If you do not create one, the software creates a separate folder each time it converts a file.

Further, you also get some options with the presets. You can reset the presets or can set them to default, and you can load the presets and save them.

The help section of the batch conversion window is indeed helpful. It leads you to the help section on the official website of the software.

Reading between the lines

We are heading towards the end of this review. Before we conclude, let’s examine some other issues regarding the software. In general, the software works smoothly and efficiently and creates no problem with any features.

Some issues generate when you save the file when you edit a file and save it. The software seeks permission whether you want to save it as a different file or want to overwrite the same file.

You can overwrite the file, but sometimes, File Viewer Plus does not support the file format in which you made changes and the file remain unchanged. For example, if the software does not support some version of ‘Microsoft Word,’ so the file opened with that version does not change and even after making changes through the software, it saves it without editing.

The issue may generate only when you try to save the file. No issues generate during conversions except for the limitations of every file format.

You can overcome this problem by using ‘Save as.’ Through this, you can save the edited file in the desired form and at the desired location on the computer.

You can directly print the edited file. As mentioned earlier, if the computer has a colored printer set up, you can also get a colored print of the document. Like the other documentation software, it also provides you various options to print. You can even choose to print on both sides of the paper without interrupting the procedure of printing, provided the printer supports this function.

It also provides print to file feature. However, this feature is of very little in these days of advance and smart printers, but if the printer is not that efficient, you can use this feature. It saves your time next time when you want to print the same file.

Help, support, and feedback

The help section of the software is efficient, vibrant, and able to provide help to the users. Through this section, you can find out the file formats that the software supports. The software opens a list of the supported file format as shown in the image below.

Moreover, you can check for updates, or if you already have a product key, you can register yourself. The user manual available there provides all the information regarding the product, its features, functions, and requirements. You can get complete information about the software from here.

Ending Note

As we mentioned in the beginning, the software intends to make things easier for the users, and It fulfills it. It is not only a sound file converting software, but also it does not fail to prove itself as a file converting software.

Editor and convertor together make it utilitarian as a documentation software.

The number of file formats it supports, and convert is entirely satisfactory. Not only text files but the software can also convert the image files into the required format. This feature further widens the ground of its utility.  Conversion of Video files and Email files are some other noteworthy features.

The interface is like the ‘Word’ which helps users to have a personalized experience during editing and converting files. Also, Even the beginners find it handy and facile.

Though the user faces some problems while saving the file, it is not something that you cannot overcome. The help section is quite efficient and can undoubtedly help you to get rid of this problem.

If we overlook a few issues that the software generates, it is quite a chance-giving software. If seen through the perspective of being a file converting software, it does not disappoint the users.

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