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Frontpoint is a wireless home security system with safe, real, and professional monitoring. It features wireless and cellular protection, intrusion protection, fire protection, environmental protection, life safety, 24-hour professional monitoring, crash and smash protection, light control, email and text alerts, and more. There are three pricing options available: Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, and Ultimate Plan.

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Provides a total wireless control of your security equipment, with crash and smash protection system. The 24/7 professional monitoring system allows you to monitor your home anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Crash and smash protection not available in all plans. Remote access and automated door lock system are not available in all plans.


Offers a complete security system that helps you to protect and monitor your home from anywhere, with its 100% wireless and cellular system. The professional monitoring system is available all the time, giving the best protection system for your home and business.

Frontpoint Security is a home security system provided by Frontpoint Security Solutions, a home security company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide the best home security solutions to their customers, with the latest technology and top-notch service. The company is built directly around the needs of the customers to have a safer home and better peace of mind.

100% Wireless and Cellular System

The security system used by Frontpoint Security doesn’t use any wire at all. All security equipment installed on your home is embedded with 100% wireless and cellular technology. It means that any intruder cannot bypass your security system by simply cutting some wires in your equipment, which means a safer protection for your home. By going wireless and cellular, it also means that you can control your home security from anywhere and from any PC or mobile devices. Additionally, this system has been proven to be tamper-proof, which is tougher and more difficult for bad people to crack.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

The 24/7 professional monitoring system provides a tight security monitoring system for your home all day. You can check the condition of your property all the time, since the camera equipment and other security equipment that come with the security system are always on. So, whether there is an intruder in your home, a fire, irregular activities, suspicious energy usage, and any other security problem, the security equipment is always ready to signal you the danger, so that you can take action immediately to resolve the problem.

Intrusion and Fire Protection

Among many security features provided by Frontpoint Security, intrusion and fire protection are the most important features. The intrusion protection system ensures that your home is out of the reach from burglars and other unwanted intruders, whereas the fire protection system ensures the safety of your home and property from bad fire accidents. Since it uses a 100% wireless and cellular system, intruders cannot just cut your phone lines in order to enter your home undetected. Also, the security experts at Frontpoint Security can immediately contact the local fire authorities whenever there is a sign of potential fire accident in your home.

Environmental Protection and Live Safety

Frontpoint Security provides a robust environmental protection to ensure the safety of your home and property, as well as avoid any potential costly repair. So, the system also detects possible problems that may happen within your home, such as water leakage, flooding, and carbon monoxide pollution. As the potential danger happens, the system sends alerts to you immediately. Not only that, the live safety feature ensures the safety of your family in the event that there might be a potential danger to your family members, such as in the time of medical emergency. At this moment, the security experts are always ready to contact the local authorities to help your family members right away.

Email and Text Alerts

The email and text alert feature ensures that you get alerted immediately by the security system at the time of potential danger. The alerts are integrated with the sensor equipment, which detects the security and environmental activities within your home. Additionally, the email and text alert system allows you to know about each visitor and family member that enter or leave your home. With the advanced crash and smash protection system, the email and alert system is always working, even though the control center of your Frontpoint Security system is damaged or destroyed.

Light Control and Image Sensor

The Frontpoint Security system is not only providing you with the most advanced technology for your home security, but it also provides a good system management for your home as well. The lighting control system allows you to control lights and appliances within your home with remote control access. It means that you can turn your lights and home appliances on and off wirelessly, since the light control is integrated with your home security system. You can even schedule this or activate those appliances with the motion sensors. The image sensor feature allows you to take photos whenever it detects any motion within your home, which you can then view via your touchscreen control panel.

Automated Door Locks

With the wireless control panel, you can lock and unlock your doors directly from your smartphone. You can also assign a different code for your family members to lock or unlock your home. This feature increases the protection of your home and prevents any intruders from entering your home, since they need to know the password combination in order to enter. Not only that, it is also equipped with an HD video monitoring system for your outdoor area, with the night vision capability to see any suspicious movements during the night.


Frontpoint Security offers a comprehensive home security system to protect your home from various security threats, such as burglars, intruders, fire accident, environmental damage, and more. It uses a 100% wireless and cellular technology to enable the control of your home security remotely. The 24/7 professional monitoring system is always ready to alert you immediately and send help to you whenever needed. This includes contacting the local police office, fire authorities, medical facilities, and more. You can get immediate email and text alerts whenever a potential danger happens. Additionally, the light control system allows you to turn your lights and appliances on and off remotely, as well as set schedule for them. The automatic door lock system allows you to set different codes for each family member to lock or unlock your home, increasing the overall security protection for your home.

Top Features

  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • Mobile Access
  • Remotes Control
  • Door and Window Sensor
  • Recessed Door Sensor
  • Garage Door Sensor
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Image Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Smoke and Heat Sensor
  • Water and Flood Sensor
Cameras and Automation
  • Wireless Indoor Camera
  • Wireless Outdoor Camera
  • Light Control
  • Keypad Door Lock
  • Thermostat


Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote
  • Monthly Subscription


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Company Information

Company Name: FrontPoint Security Solutions, LLC

Founded In: May 16, 2007

Address: 1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110, Vienna, VA, USA

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