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GoToMeeting is a modern online meeting software with personal meeting room. It features HD video conferencing, screen sharing, toll-free phone conferencing, free mobile apps, online calendar integration, meeting session recorder, custom URL, and more. There are two pricing options available: GoToMeeting PRO with up to 25 participants and GoToMeeting PLUS with up to 100 participants.

Detailed Review


Full features including HD video and recording, free for attendees, exclusive application sharing for PC


Steep learning curve, monthly subscription a bit costlier, interface not so friendly


A reliable HD video conferencing tool on the Web ideal for brainstorming through meetings on the Windows platform


If you are looking for a web conferencing service backed by a solid and reliable foundation, GoToMeeting would be a great option to work with. The company is operated by Citrix which is one of the leading multinational organizations operating for over 25 years in the software industry.

Free Version

GoToMeeting has an unlimited free version supporting up to 3 users for conferencing. This is an ideal tool if you want to test the waters or if you simply want to conduct small meetings on a small-scale. The free version allows standard features such as VOIP audio, screensharing and hd video. However several features can't be used such as recording and mobile supported platform.


GotoMeeting’s setup can be rather inconvenient for some. Most other services offer a fully functional web version or separate desktop version. In GotoMeeting, you have to install a piece of software in order to use its web interface with full functionality. Apart from this one caveat, GoToMeeting can be praised for its very user-friendly interface. Even a first-time user can easily figure out navigating and use of its features thanks to its readable interface supported by extensive tool-tips.

One slighter disadvantage of the software is the apparent lack of updates. GoToMeeting tends to be a little slow to catch on in terms of updates offered to stay in par with competitors. Based on overall functionality however, GoToMeeting is still a very solid tool that supports all the main functions you would expect from a web-conferencing software.


At a first glance, GoToMeeting appears to be quite economical and it is if you are a small enterprise looking for minimal features. However, for extensive functionality which GoToMeeting supports, you will have to invest a larger sum as the have various price points. For large meetings for instance, exceeding 25 members the base Pro package will not support it. GotoMeeting also adds further functionality if you upgrade to their webinar or training package. You would however find that most of the essential features such as screen sharing and private chats are supported with ease.

Video and Audio Conferencing

GoToMeeting tends to encourage multinational conferencing with the support of dedicated phone numbers from several countries. Additionally, its interface can be translated to several languages to support clients from all parts of the world. Audio and video communication is generally seamless, however if you are running the service from older versions of Windows, Mac or and older browser version you may run into problems, so ensure that you keep your computer system up to date.


GoToMeeting has a dedicated iPad version along with support for Windows and Mac operating systems. They have also recently added support for mobile including Android devices as well as the iPhone. This makes it ideal to reach out to the overwhelming majority of users as they should have at least one of these devices or avenues of access at their disposal.

Related Products

Under the same website, there is also the option of GoToWebinar and GoToTraining which offers a separate set of specific features that would be useful if you intend on running webinars or online trainings. Webinar product offers slightly different features where only presenter have most control and audience can just take part in discussions.

Final Suggestions

GoToMeeting is one of the most popular B2B web conferencing services in use and while there are plenty of other to choose from, GoToMeeting certainly gets the job done. The best course of action would be try the free version for a while and get acquainted with the software before making the purchase.

Top Features


  • Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Personal Meeting Room

Meeting Tools

  • Screen Sharing
  • HD Video
  • VolP and Phone Audio
  • Toll-free Option
  • Record Session
  • Multi User Accounts
  • Open Voice Free Phone


  • Free Mobile Apps
  • Integration Marketplace
  • Online Collaboration


Ideal For
  • Startup
  • Small Business
  • Mid Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription


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Company Information

Company Name: Citrix Systems, Inc.

Founded In: 1997

Address: 4988 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA, USA

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