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By: Tune, Inc.

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HasOffers is a tracking tool for affiliate marketers, networks, advertisers and buyers to analyze and improve their online and mobile affiliate marketing efforts. HasOffers works fine to track mobile campaigns as well as desktop marketing campaigns. Some features include multi-currency and language support, business intelligence, customer management tool, lead generation, communication platforms, reliable infrastructure with 99.95% uptime, customizable and easy-to-use platform, and many more.

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Professionally-driven performance analytic tool that will help you to track each aspect of your affiliate business with abundance of features to offer. Free 30-day trial that will allow you to evaluate the software before actually using it for your affiliate business.


With expensive monthly fee, it is suitable only for professional and enterprise-level affiliate business. Tracking is limited in terms of clicks, conversions, and impressions, with additional fees for additional tracking.


If you are looking to have a successful big-scale affiliate marketing business, HasOffers might be the right software for you. With host of features that will help to build your campaign and track your affiliate performance, HasOffers is a reliable tool that will simply get the job done.

HasOffers was created in 2009 by a two entrepreneurs Lucas and Lee Brown, twin brothers who were also recent graduates of Babson College. The main headquarter of the company is located in Seattle, Washington. In 2014, the company behind HasOffers has been rebranded as TUNE. In 2015, TUNE has opened several branches around the world to help run the company worldwide. TUNE branches are located in South Korea, Israel, England, and San Francisco.

User Interface

HasOffers come with easy user interface that will bring easier affiliate management for your business. The user interface is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, with snapshot dashboard, virtual user view, custom user quick links, as well as affiliate and advertiser interface.

Offer Settings

You can create any offer for your business and let your affiliates promote your offer easily. In the Offer Settings, you can customize your offer in various ways, including categorizing your offer using various names, customizing payout terms for affiliates, user targeting, offer limitations and expiration dates, and banner and flash uploads.

Conversion Tracking

HasOffers offers various conversion tracking methods that will support your affiliate campaigns in various ways, such as by using SSL tracking, no-cookie tracking, post-back URLs, image tracking, and so on. It will also allow you to create conversion caps to limit your conversion.

Affiliate Management

Managing your affiliates and recruiting them can be simple and easy with HasOffers, since it offers advanced affiliate management features such as affiliate access to API approval, referral commission, account managers, snapshot dashboard, and direct email system. It will also allow you to assign specific account managers to specific affiliates.

Affiliate Payment

Affiliate payments can be organized easily with this affiliate tracking software, including by determining the payout by the offer, custom tiers, custom payout models such as Commission Per Click, Per Lead, or Per Sale, affiliate invoices with notes, PayPal, Payoneer, QuickBook, and PayQuick integration, and you can also export affiliate invoices in CSV.

Fast Reporting

The HasOffers system allows you to get fast reporting for your affiliate performance in real time. Also, you will be able to get pre-generated reports, custom reporting, CSV reporting, traffic referral report, affiliate referral commission report, conversion approval or rejection, and ad server logging.

Fraud Prevention

This affiliate tracking program has an advanced fraud prevention technology, which will ensure that no affiliates can game the system and create fake sales for you. The fraud prevention features that will be included in your subscription are additional sign-up questions for affiliates, phone and CAPTCHA verification, IP logins analytics, affiliate link blocker, user account blocker, offer monitoring system, profile fraud alert, fraud analysis for affiliate activities, and API integration with other third-party fraud management tools.

Customer Support

HasOffers allows the users to contact the support team in various ways, including chat, email, telephone, dedicated account manager, support wiki, as well as network and application monitoring.

Affiliate Network Features

There are various features that you will get from your affiliate network that is built around HasOffers platform, including unlimited advertisers with advertiser access to stats and offers, data importing via CSV, and affiliate link mapping.  The platform is ideal to create large and efficient affiliate network.


HasOffers is a good affiliate management platform for professional and big-scale business with rich features that cover every aspect of affiliate performance tracking and analysis. It also has good affiliate management features which will help you to run and organize your affiliate business in an easy way. However, the high prices and the limited pricing plan options may be a turn off for a new business to use this platform to start their own affiliate program. There is a 30-day cancel-anytime free trial that you can use to evaluate the program before you subscribe into the service.

Top Features

Superior Measurement
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Tracking Multi-Device User
  • Recording Purchase Insight
User Interface
  • Dashboard Snapshots
  • Virtual User Interface
  • Quick Links
  • Device Compatibility
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Content Page Addition
  • Logout Redirect Options
  • Custom Domain Masking
Offer Settings
  • Categorizing Offers
  • Geo-Location User Targeting
  • Various Payout Models.
Conversion Tracking
  • Tracing Third-Party Pixels
  • Regulate Offers Tracking
Affiliate Management
  • Account Manager Assignment
  • Direct Mail System
Affiliate Payments
  • Customized Payouts
  • Affiliate Invoice Generation
  • Exporting Invoices
  • Quickbooks Integrations.
  • Time Zone Options
  • Custom Language Switcher
  • Mobile Device Rules
  • Managing Ads
  • Handling Frauds
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • API


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Company Information

Company Name: Tune, Inc.

Founded In: 2009

Address: 2200 Western Ave, Seattle, WA, USA

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