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By: iDevDirect LLC

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iDevAffiliate is affiliate tracking and management software that is compatible with any device. iDevAffiliate is featured with some of the best industry applications such as, user friendly interface, US based technical support and affiliate training. Affiliate training package allows site owners to offer proper video training to their affiliates for increased performance. iDevAffiliate offers hundreds of options for affiliates including test ads, banners, video ads, test links, HTML ads, etc.

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Complete affiliate tracking tools, which include marketing, commissioning, and reporting. Pricing is flexible, between one-time fee and monthly fee, with no hidden charges.


One-time price comes with 1-year free upgrade, not a lifetime upgrade. Need to pay more to get all the features, such as SEO features and add-ons.


iDevAffiliate Affiliate Tracking Software provides comprehensive tracking tools for vendors as well as affiliates, with flexible pricing. You can own the software or you can lease it.

iDevAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software created in the year 1999 by iDevDirect LLC, a company based in Southern California, United States. iDevAffiliate has been around for more than 15 years to provide companies, vendors, and ecommerce business with the reliable and effective affiliate tracking solutions. With the easy-to-customize look as well as various tools that include marketing, commissioning, reporting, and security, iDevAffiliate will help any business to supercharge their affiliate promotion and provide the best service for both their customers as well as their affiliates.

Marketing Tools

With a host of marketing tools within the software, affiliates can easily market your product with various marketing materials that you can post into the affiliate dashboard, including banners, text ads, email templates, videos, text links, and other marketing promotion methods. This can help affiliates to grab these marketing tools easily in the affiliate dashboard and start promoting your product immediately.

Commissioning Tools

When it comes the time to pay your affiliates, iDevAffiliate software will provide a range of customizable commissioning tools that you can use. You can create your own schedule for your payouts, whether you choose to pay by percentage, flat rate, per click, per lead, recurring commission, and others, you can easily pick your preferred payment options for your affiliate and customize it based on your company’s needs.

Reporting Tools

In the end of the payment period, you will be provided with full reporting tools that give you the full data of your affiliate performance. In the affiliate reports, you can see detailed data about the performance of your affiliates during any given period. The reporting tools will include charts and graphs, date-range reports, daily activities, top affiliates, and other important data that will help to analyze your affiliate performance anytime you need.

Shopping Cart Integration

There is a built-in shopping cart integration within the software that will allow you to integrate the software with your shopping cart system. The integration process will only take a few steps to complete with full instruction that will guide you along the integration process. Whatever the checkout or payment system your company uses, you will be able to integrate it with iDevAffiliate.

Customizable HTML

To personalize the view of your affiliate dashboard, the software will allow you to customize the HTML elements of your affiliate dashboard as well as the admin dashboard. This will allow you to brand the software with your company’s logo and keep your professionalism intact. You can edit the HTML templates, language, email templates, and various other aspects of your affiliate promotion.

Strong Security Encryption

iDevAffilite software comes with a strong built-in security encryption that will ensure safe payment process for your customers as well as safe commission credit for your affiliates. It also has several useful features such as commission blocking, restriction on the commission amount, and password encryption.


If you want to boost your sales by integrating affiliate system on your eCommerce website or any other type of online business that you have, iDevAffiliate software will provide you with effective and reliable affiliate tracking system that will help you to monitor your affiliate activities in a simple way.

The built-in tools that are included in the software are useful to shape your affiliate program in any way you want, as well as to accurately track your affiliate performance anytime you need it. If you choose to own the software, you need to install it in your web hosting account, without any hidden fees. Or, if you choose to lease the software, the software will be installed in iDevAffiliate's server for a monthly fee.

Top Features

Admin Center
  • Alerts On Commission
  • Traffic Filename Customization
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Vast Commissions
  • Individual Sign Up
  • Friendly Links
  • Geographic Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate QR Codes
  • Affiliate Vanity Coupon
  • Upload Training Document
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Date Range Reports
  • Top Affiliate Stats
  • Download CSV
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Daily Activity Track
  • Editable Templates
  • Customize Forms
  • Language Packs
  • Email Templates
  • Marketing Materials
  • Training Documents
  • Tracking Custom Links
  • Commission Alert Setup
  • Tier Linking Code
  • Affiliate PDFs
  • Sub-Affiliate Tracker
  • Traffic Logs

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Company Information

Company Name: iDevDirect LLC

Founded In: 1999

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Pavel S | Submitted On: December 31, 2015, 4:49 pm


Good software with number of features. Can setup CPA offers as well as set percentage based commissions with mass payout features.


It is outdated compared to other alternatives. No split commissions, no option to offer multiple affiliate programs with one software. User interface is pretty much same without change since years.


At the price, it is good software for sure. If someone wants basic affiliate software to offer some commissions for their referral, then it is good but for sophisticated affiliate program and more flexibility one should look elsewhere.


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