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LifeShield is a home security system provided by DirectTV, with a whole-home protection and without any equipment to buy. It features wireless HD video camera, video storage, door and window sensors, security touchpad, pet-friendly motion sensor, fire-safety sensor, fire protection, and more. There are three pricing options available: Security Essentials, Security Advantage, and Security Professional.

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Provides complete protection for your home, with the security monitoring system ready to send immediate help, whether you are at home or not. The three-layer protection keeps the security system working even when there is no power, no internet, and no phone lines.


Provides limited video storage, with no HD security cameras available for the basic security protection. No video storage available for the basic protection plan.


Provides a strong protection for your home and family, with the always-on system that works even when there is no internet, phone line, or power. Designed to react quickly and immediately whenever there is a security problem in your home, whether you are at home or not.

LifeShield is a home security system provided by LifeShield Security, a company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA. In 2013, the company was acquired by DIRECTV, LLC, and headquartered in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA. The main focus of the company is to provide technologically-advanced and affordable wireless home security system that is impossible for home intruders to bypass.

Three Layers of Protection

The three-layer protection provided by LifeShield gives you the maximum protection that is always on and never gets off. The first layer is a broadband connection, which allows you to control your security equipment via the high-speed internet connection. The second layer is a cellular connection, which allows you to connect with your security equipment via the cellular network, meaning that you can use your cell phone to take control of your home security. The third layer is a landline phone connection, which is a traditional connection method for your security equipment via the telephone lines. Even when all of these connections go down, your security protection is not going to be turned off, since there is a battery backup that lasts for 24 hours.

Smash and Crash Protection

The smash and crash protection system ensures that even if your security equipment becomes faulty or damaged, it can still send a notification signal about the security threat to the central monitoring system. Once the system recognized that the security equipment is getting smashed by someone, it immediately sends the notification to the security staff, so that they can send help immediately to deal with the danger. This is because the system uses a separate base and keypad, which means that if the one part is broken, the other can still send the notification signal to the monitoring center.

Whole-Home, Business and Fire Protection

The whole-home and fire protection system ensures that your home is protected from fire accidents all the time. No matter where the cause of the fire may appear, the system quickly recognizes the danger and turn on the alarm immediately. Not only that, the system also sends an immediate notification to the monitoring center, in which the security staff can call the local fire authority immediately. Thus, whether you are at home or not, the help is always ready to prevent the fire from getting bigger, preventing further potential loss of assets on your side. The system works with the use of an exclusive fire-safety sensor, which can be integrated with your existing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Advanced Video Monitoring

The advanced video monitoring system provided by LifeShield offers subtle and technologically-advanced surveillance system to keep your house under 24-hour protection. The hardware used by the company is small, sleek, and easily blend with the backgrounds. Thus, people can’t see the existence of security cameras in your home, while at the same time, you can always monitor their movements within your home from anywhere. You can use your mobile devices or computer to access the video feed generated by the security cameras. You can also set custom alerts to ensure that you are always notified about things that need to get your immediate attention.

In Nutshell

The smash and crash protection ensures that the security equipment works even though it is damaged, either by fire or by intruders. The whole-home fire protection ensures that your home is always protected from fire all day, and send immediate help when there is a potential fire accident, whether you are at home or not. And the advanced video monitoring system allows you to monitor your home from anywhere, with small and difficult-to-find security cameras.


LifeShield Security provides the whole-home security protection to protect your home 24 hours in a day from intruders and other potential environmental hazards. The three layers of protection ensure that your home is protected all the time, even though your internet, phone line, cellular network, or even the power goes off.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Whole-home Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Smash and Crash Protection
  • Mobile Application
  • Wireless HD Video Camera
  • Video Storage
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Security Touchpad
  • Motion Sensor
  • Fire-Safety Sensor
  • Professional Alarm Monitoring
  • Yard Sign and Decals


Pricing Model
  • Monthly Subscription


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Company Information

Company Name: Directv, LLC

Founded In: 2002

Address: PO Box 580, 980 Wheeler Way, Langhorne, PA, USA

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