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Allows you to search for buyers or sellers of bitcoins and perform the bitcoin transaction quickly, securely, and privately. It is very easy to find local buyer or seller of bitcoins using this platform.

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Provides the platform to buy and sell bitcoins locally, with local bank transfer payment option available. The transaction is done instantly, privately, and securely.


Local bitcoins buyer or seller may not be available in every country or area, so does the local payment option using bank transfer.

LocalBitcoins is a bitcoin buying and selling platform for local people founded in 2012 and based in Helsinki, Finland. The company helps bitcoin buyers and sellers to meet locally or perform local bitcoins transactions with local payment options easily, using the platform that is designed to meet the two parties together. With this platform, buyers and sellers of bitcoins can trade their bitcoins for cash and vice versa, and therefore help the bitcoin economy to grow globally.

Very Low Bitcoin Transaction Fee

While other bitcoin exchange platforms may offer you big transaction fees whenever you trade your bitcoins for cash or vice versa, LocalBitcoins is a little bit different. It doesn’t apply any transaction fee for any of your local bitcoin transactions using this platform. However, it applies a very small amount of fee (1%) for each transaction that is done via the trade advertisement provided by this platform. Also, it offers 0.5% fee for each transaction using the merchant invoicing service from this platform. Aside from that, registering, selling, and buying bitcoins can be done completely free of charge when you choose to use this platform.

Post A Trade Advertisement To Find Buyer Or Seller Easily

This bitcoin exchange platform offers the option for you to post a trade advertisement to buy or sell your bitcoins more quickly. By using this service, you need to pay a very small fee for each transaction made from your trade advertisement. However, as a big benefit, you can put your advertisement in front of other bitcoin buyers and sellers in the platform. In this way, you can find your buyer or seller more quickly. For each trade advertisement that you post on this platform, you can pick your own preferences, such as preferred currency, margin, minimum transaction, and so on.

Local Transaction With Local Bank Transfer Option

One of the biggest advantages of LocalBitcoins is that you can find buyer and seller of bitcoins in your local area. In this way, this platform can provide you the way to meet the seller and buyer of bitcoins directly in the places around you. Or, you can perform the transaction with local bank transfer, which can be very convenient for most people. You don’t need to prepare your credit cards in order to perform the transaction, and you can always complete the transaction instantly and securely when you do it via local bank transfer. It gives a big advantage for both parties.

Make The Trade Directly With The Other Party

Meeting face to face with your buyer or seller of bitcoins may not be possible with the other bitcoin exchange marketplaces. However, with LocalBitcoins, you can do it quite easily. With this platform, you can agree to meet with the buyer or seller of bitcoins in the local area near you, and conduct the transaction directly. There is no third party involved in your transaction, and thus, you don’t need to pay any third party for the transaction fee. With this platform, you can perform the transaction directly with the other party, so that you can get all of your profit for yourself. This is true for both the direct cash transaction and the transaction done with local bank payment.


If you are looking for a good bitcoin exchange platform that you can rely on to find local bitcoin trade partners in your area, then LocalBitcoins is the best platform that you can use. With this platform, you can quickly find local buyer and seller of bitcoins, and get the transaction done quickly, either by meeting the buyer or seller directly, or by sending the payment via local bank transfer. Moreover, this platform doesn’t apply high transaction fees, and it doesn’t act as a kind of stock market trader for bitcoin users. It is just a platform that provides the way to meet the seller or buyer of bitcoins in your local area easily.

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  • Peer To Peer Trading
  • Exchange Local Currency
  • Different Payment Method
  • Trade in 248 Countries
  • Safe Transactions
  • Get Expert Guidance


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