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An ideal self-hosted tool for a promising start on the WordPress, for those who are looking for a free and feature-rich help after being tired of logging into your sites one by one to update the core or install plugins

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Self-hosted, maximum control for troubleshooting issues and customizing plugins, uptime monitoring, cloning and spinning support across different sites, constant new extensions, creation of own extensions through API hooks, auto updates, free basic version.


Bit time-consuming installation, no control over day backups resulting in server load, not suitable for shared hosting, no bulk edit of pages or settings, no 2-factor authentication, no SaaS version.

It would be truly relieving to have one single dashboard handle all these tasks across all the WordPress (WP) sites, wouldn’t it? Well, this is exactly what the MainWP does! It is a WP management solution encompassing an array of plugins for controlling diverse WordPress sites on various hosts or servers from a central location.

While there are many such WP management tools and services, MainWP stands out because it is full of various features. The tool helps in managing plugins, content, themes, backups, and more across sites. Further, unlike famous other similar service, MainWP is self-hosted, which means you need to set up the dashboard interface through which you manage your sites. However, this is easy to do.


The MainWP features allow you to perform several tasks for multiple WordPress sites. This list of tasks includes accessing each site through a single click, updating WordPress core, installing and managing plugins and themes, creating scheduled backups, posting content, editing post statuses, monitoring downtime, and managing user accounts.

You can also receive email notifications for downtime, upgrades, and backups, perform SEO analysis, and import site details in bulk. If you are willing to pay, you can even view Google Analytics, click heatmaps, manage comments, clone sites, and manage remote destination backups.

In case the aforementioned basic features are insufficient for apt management of several sites at once, you can use a number of premium extensions (paid) on offer by this tool provider.


Due to the nature of a self-hosted service, you do not access the dashboard on the developer’s site. In fact, for using this service, you need to install the dashboard plugin on a new WP site from the plugin directory of

Now, you need to install the child (MainWP child) plugin on each of the existing sites that you wish to administer. Once the child plugin is installed, you need to add each site with this plugin to the new management site you created for installing dashboard plugin. The entire setup takes only a few minutes, which makes it efficient.

The MainWP Dashboard

MainWP dashboard is well organized such that even a first time user can comprehend it easily. From the MainWP control panel or dashboard on your new site for management, you can instantly obtain a quick overview of all the sites with child plugin, which you wish to manage. The overview includes details such as available WordPress updates, plugin updates, and theme upgrades along with status of sites.

Such a cohesive display allows updating all plugins for all sites in just one click. There is also an option for creating an ignore list that contains the items that you do not want to be upgraded through the dashboard. This makes MainWP quite flexible as well as time saving tool.

Apart from the overview, the dashboard also allows viewing the details of the recently published posts to sites, suggestion of scheduled backups, and any security issue detected by the tool for automatic fixing.

Managing Themes, Plugins, Posts, and Pages

The MainWP makes it easy to install a newly found WordPress plugin or a theme on a few or all sites you manage. For this, you only need to search for the plugin and choose the sites on which you wish to install. In case you wish to install a plugin not hosted on the WP directory or a premium plugin, just upload the plugin and select the sites for installation.

The dashboard facilitates viewing all installed plugins or themes as well as activate, delete, or deactivate them as per their current status. You can do take these actions for all sites simultaneously or do so from a specific site through a few clicks, both saving a lot of time. Above all, the tool also allows auto updating these plugins and themes on a few or all WP sites.

Similarly, you can add pages and posts to different sites. There are options for unpublishing, restoring, moving to trash, and deleting permanently for managing posts.

Availability Control

With MainWP, it is easy to check the status of sites, which indicates whether or not they are online. You can even set up a scheduled offline check and be notified when a site goes offline suddenly.


If you are managing multiple WP sites and wish to have a productivity-boosting tool, MainWP is the perfect choice.


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