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A perfect, professional, and all-inclusive app for safe and efficient management of multiple Web sites from a single dashboard

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No setup needed, low pricing per site, good content management including commenting, effective white labeling.


Occasional bugs in terms randomly disappearing white labeling, difficulty in backing a lot of huge size, not self-hosted, lacks automatic content integration, costly in the long run

Having multiple WordPress (WP) accounts is a fact but administering easily all of them  easily in just a few clicks from a single location has become a fact with ManageWP management solution. No longer is it required to bookmark and switch from one account to another repeatedly, as this solution allows controlling all accounts from a single dashboard.

ManageWP is a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to manage multiple WP accounts easily with complete control and full power. With everything made manageable below one roof, the tool helps in saving much time due to which you can focus on other important tasks such as brand building, customer retention, and content creation. Above all, it seems to be a rare tool to come with advanced SEO features.

Plans and Features Overview

There are three plans on offer: Standard for bloggers, Professional for marketers and Web developers, and Business for large companies, SEO masters, and big marketing companies. Each of them differs in terms of price and features but come with common features such as one-click updates, one-click login to any site, manual backups, and management of themes and plugins.

While Professional plan offers features like scheduled backups and site cloning, Business plan  offers advanced features such as comprehensive SEO analysis, uptime monitoring, and search engine ranking tracker. One thing to note here is that although the cost of these packs differs, you are charged for each site! Nevertheless, regardless of the number of sites included in a single domain or sub-domain, all are counted one and you pay for one plan only.

Some more useful features on offer include managing posts, updating themes and plugins, optimizing WordPress database, configuring complete backup via AmazonS3 and DropBox, obtaining instant notification for downtime, monitor site speed and stats, moving WordPress to different host with one click, and monitor malware.


ManageWP offers simple setup. You can just choose a plan to install the ManageWP dashboard and get started with managing your website. Before you start adding sites, it is vital to install the ManageWP Worker Plugin without paying anything extra, on each site that you wish to add. The quickest way to install this plugin is to search for it in Plugins section.


This one is a bit cluttered but is still intuitive as well as visually appealing for easy and engaged navigation. The most commendable part of this dashboard is that it resolves the http problem in former https-based versions wherein changing resets was manually done to open http sites. The latest dashboard is non-SSL, which means no need of resets. However, you can convert into SSL through a simple setting change.

From this dashboard, you can remotely access the database of multiple WP sites, review updates and stats of filtered group or all sites, update plugins (after being notified), see the number of comments and which ones are spam, update themes and plugins, view site statistics, perform backups, and monitor sites.


The latest version of ManageWP offers a more reliable backup functionality. It comes with a newly refurbished system for initiating automatic backups, time zone setting for timelier and effective backup, more shared hosting accounts for backing up together, and speedier backup process to save your time. You can easily store the backup at Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and mailbox.

Depending upon the pricing plan, a solid backup plan is assured through the team of dedicated WordPress users themselves. In short, the latest ManageWP version features a more robust backup system that saves your data faster.

Performance and Optimization

You can set automatic updates in one go, to prevent poor security and obsolete themes and plugins from bringing down the performance. It is possible to select automatic updating for each site or plugin, or bulk select the plugins or sites. Another important feature is the Performance Test giving you an overview of performance of sites in terms of speed and time.

For optimization, you can check for malware and broken links, put a site into Maintenance Mode, analyze backlinks, and review the page loading time. You can even monitor Web analytics, uptime, history, traffic alerts, and keywords.


User security is another commendable aspect of ManageWP. It comes with different security measures such as the state-of-the-art encryption, malware checks, anti-virus protection, Security Check, bug fixes, and prevention of ‘invalid message signature’ and mod_security problems. They also offer integration with, That tool ensures healthy functioning of each site. It would not be wrong to say that the security system is above the WordPress standards.


In short, ManageWP is admiringly comprehensive, amazingly secure, and fully featured to sail your business raft up to the destination, although at a bit higher cost.


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