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mooSocial is a social network software with full features required to help you build a successful community. The software is fast, flexible, CMS-independent, and responsive. It features user profile, video sharing, user group, blog, discussion topics, photo album, admin panel, event management, and more. There are two pricing options available: Standard License and 3-Pack License.

Detailed Review


Simple yet powerful, user-friendly, CMS-independent, fast, good level of customization, great support, integration through API


Lack ad management, no chat, a bit costly, no trial offer


A feature-rich community builder that is quick and easy to customize

mooSocial is a social networking builder that comes with all features required for building an interactive social community. Based on the CakePHP 2 framework, the tool is quite fast and easy to customize, perhaps because it employs Ajax that also contributes to the intuitive aspect of the interface. You can expect good level of customization, which is evident when you can change the layout, as the template files and the underlying logic code are separated.
Unlike other social networking tools, mooSocial is a standalone tool. This means that there is no need to install a Content Management System (CMS) for running the tool. This means that you can customize your social site more quickly as well as easily. Therefore, mooSocial is CMS-independent software.


There are two plans on offer namely, Standard and 3-pack License. Both the plans offer features such as no power branding, 1-year free updates, 1-month free support, and full access to source code. However, while the Standard plan comes with only one domain installation, the License pack allows installation of three domains.

Installation and Interface

Installing mooSocial is very easy. Nevertheless, you can ask the mooSocial team to do it for you in no time in case you do not want spend in doing so. The team can even migrate an existing social site to mooSocial or integrate mooSocial with any third-party service such as a CMS or a payment gateway through API access. The interface is clean and well organized. It is responsive enough to fit well on your mobile screen as well. The left menu shows all the features of mooSocial.

Open Source Code

The freedom to access the underlying source code of a scripting tool is certainly a bonus for the skilled developers. This is exactly what mooSocial offers, just like other script builders. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can easily access the source code that is unencrypted and can make desired changes for including a variety of themes, styles, and utilities on your social platform. Well, this is perhaps the plus point of this tool over Facebook and Twitter.

No Branding

The feature of ‘no branding’ means you can run your social community without any visual or textual promotion of mooSocial, such as “powered by” written in the footer. This is another bonus to the customers because there are a few tools that promote themselves through your sites and charge you in case of removal of such tags. However, mooSocial has no such policy and you can hide its use as a tool from your users or members through a one-time fee.

Product Features

The most prominent features of the software are categorized into profiles, video sharing with tags and likes, user groups, blogs and discussions, photo albums, and event management with privacy options. All these are visible in the left panel of the interface.  

mooSocial tends to incorporate several useful features that are similar to those of Facebook, such as Private Message and Notification Center. In fact, it can integrate even Facebook to increase the member base of your new community site. Apart from that, the software has more utilities such as global search, friends suggestion, item reporting, URL & video parsing in activity feed, and photo uploading in activity feed.


The software allows creating highly customized user groups featuring a great level of interaction. The latter becomes evident in the form of activity feeds, featured groups, and addition of photos, videos, and topics. Yes, you also can have featured groups for quick and interesting communications. There is a dedicated invitation system with approval mechanism to invite others in groups and retain their privacy through privacy options. The group members can even search across groups and take advantage of social sharing options.

Event Management

The event management is actually a set of features useful for those who need to announce events. It comes with RSVP tracking, invitation system, event search, event categories, event map, and activity feed to manage events smartly. You can even set privacy options and allow social sharing of the events declared.


mooSocial allows starting discussions like forum threads. The most admirable part of this feature is its WYSIWYG editor that makes managing discussions very easy. The members can search the topic of their choice from categories and can even pin/lock topics. They can even send attachments, a rare capability of social media tools. Coming to social sharing, the members can comment, like, and add tags.

Security through the Admin Panel

The admin panel is from where you control your site. It is perhaps the most used feature or module, as it allows you to do daily or protective tasks. Through this panel, you can see notifications, block visitors, assign or edit roles and permissions to users, tackle spam, change the logo, and check bulk mail. The module also allows managing pages, plugins, languages, and themes.


mooSocial is a basic tool that any beginner can try to build a successful social media site that is similar to Facebook. However, you can even give a look different from the existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Top Features

User Profile & Group
  • Activity Feeds
  • Profile Friends & Friendlist
  • Setup Profile Privacy
  • Profile Cover Picture
  • Searching Profiles
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Friendly Profile URL
  • Group Photos & Videos
  • Group Topics
  • Group Privacy Options
  • Group Invitation System
  • Group Search & Category
  • Social Sharing
  • Membership Approval
Video & Photos
  • Sharing Online Videos
  • Video Privacy Options
  • Videos Comments & Likes
  • Tagging Videos
  • Social Sharing
  • Videos Search & Category
  • Viewing Related Videos
  • Tagging Photos
  • Photos Privacy Options
  • Easy Photo Uploader
  • Albums Search & Category
  • Photo Comments & Likes
Blog & Discussion Topics
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Blog Privacy Options
  • Adding Tags
  • Images Uploader
  • Social Sharing
  • Blogs Searches
  • Discussions Attachments
  • Topics Search & Category
  • Pin & Lock Topics
Admin Panel
  • Admin Notifications
  • Custom Blocks
  • Custom Logo
  • Bulk Mail System
  • Spam Challenges
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Pages & Hooks Manager
  • Plugins Manager
  • Themes Manager
  • Languages Manager
Event Management
  • Tracking RSVP
  • Event Activity Feed
  • Event Invitation System
  • Event Search & Category
  • Event Map
  • Social Sharing
  • Mobile Website
  • Private Messaging
  • Notifications Center
  • URL & Video Parsing
  • Friends Suggestion
  • Facebook Integration
  • Global Search
  • Item Reporting
  • Membership Subscription
  • Ad Network Supported
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Small Business
Pricing Model
  • One Time Fee
  • On Premise


Overall Visibility Score 33.25

Score Influencers

  • Overall
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Website Mentions
  • Estimated Visitors

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