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Rank Tracker is a simple web based keyword rank tracking application. Rank Tracker dashboard allows users to keep track of many things such as, daily website rankings, average positions of keywords, number of keywords in top 10 or 100, last change, competition for keywords, and keywords rank history. Other features include visual overview, automatic daily rank tracking, competitor analysis, top 100 results, global and local results and mobile tracking.

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Ease of use, accurate, visual analysis of keywords ranking, local rank and competitive analysis, YouTube rank tracking, white label


Little costly high-end plans


A really accurate ranker tracking tool for small and medium business firms who are also interested in YouTube rankings

Do you find that some rank tracking tools are hard to rely due to inaccuracy and the erratic frequency of ranking details updates? Are you looking for a tool that can analyze SERP results and track YouTube videos? In the either situation, RankTrackr can prove to be a handy tracking solution.

RankTrackr is an online rank tracking tool offering many features and settings to track the positions of organic keyword daily. It is a simple and sophisticated tracker that seems to be especially designed for tracking your site’s rank on Google and YouTube. The updated daily data is accurate, which means it is quite easy and prompt to find out which SEO methods are proving effective.

The tool utilizes a smart algorithm for automatically fetching and displaying highly accurate rankings of your videos and sites. This sets the tool apart from the rest ranking tools in the competition. Apart from YouTube tracking, the other salient feature of this tool is tracking of keywords' ranking in Google places, map results, and image carousel and map results. This is something that no other rank tracking tool offers.

User Interface

The interface is very neat, convenient, and user-friendly, which means you can easily arrange and monitor the changes in the ranking. The left sidebar allows switching between results for YouTube and Google, segmenting each site into a group, and assigning your own groups for adding the tracked keywords. The overview section shows the status of the overall group and account status.

You can add several URLs once and later assign them to any group. Once URLs are added, it is convenient to assign keywords. Once the rankings are gathered (few minutes to an hour), you see each keyword, rank, graphical evolution for the past week, a time when the last change occurred, and last update.

Organic Rank Tracking

The tool is capable of tracking organic rank positions of keywords daily. The clear interface makes it easy to track and analyze the ranking performance in time versus SERPs. Therefore, the report area of the interface is perhaps the most dynamic one in your account on RankTrackr. The tool updates its database more often than other conventional tracking tools, which is truly commendable.

Competitor Analysis

This feature is essential to keep an eye on the competitors without which it is impossible to dominate the World Wide Web. The reports section of the tool offers some useful statistics about the competitor site, which includes Indexed pages, Alexa Rank, and Google PageRank. Although Google PageRank is not that powerful indicator, the other two can give a fair idea of how powerful your competitor is.

Local Keyword Tracking

RankTrackr allows tracking keywords’ performance in a particular state or city as well as in a particular language such as English. Tracking keywords by location and language is quite simple with RankTrackr, which appeals to local business site looking for potential customers in an area.

YouTube Rank Tracking

RankTrackr has a YouTube tracker through which you can track the keywords ranking of your and other YouTube videos. You might find trackers tracking keyword performance in SERPs, but this is perhaps the first YouTube tracking tool. You can find keywords that other videos use and login to the analytics page to know the search terms in use for finding your video.

Google Place Rankings

RankTrackr allows tracking results of Google places, which is essential for a local business to boost local search engine optimization. Through this feature, you can view search engine rank positions daily for your target keyword.


RankTrackr is an apt choice for those looking for an accurate and professional keyword tracker that monitors ranking positions from various places including YouTube and Google Places. Consider it to for staying ahead of the competition on SERPs.

Top Features

Rank Tracker
  • Daily Position Updates
  • Metrics Overview
  • Evolution Chart
  • Tracking Search Engines
  • Multilingual Coverage
  • Global & Local Coverage
  • Grouping URLs
  • Desktop & Mobile Tracking
  • Tracking Daily Ranking
  • Comparing Competitors
  • Location-based Tracking
  • Checking Keywords
  • Tracking Mobile SEO
Competitor Analysis
  • Monitoring Competitors
  • Viewing Competitors’ Keyword
  • Viewing Competitors Ranking
  • Competitors’ SEO Expenditure
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Reports Customization
  • Sending Reports
  • Easy-to-Understand Reports


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