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By: Ryte GmbH.

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Provides technical on-page search engine optimization tweaks that can turn your website into a better website in terms of SEO. The modules provided by the software allow you to improve your website in many aspects, further polishing each website page that you have.

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Allows you to optimize your website for a better search engine optimization, with innovative web design technology that keeps on being updated constantly. Helps to boost your search engine ranking and increase your website traffic with effective optimization methods.


Ideal for business and enterprise customers, although it has a free plan that allows you to do limited on-page optimization tweaks. The number of users and projects that you can add is limited based on the membership plan that you choose.

OnPage is an on-page optimization service provided by GmbH, a website optimization company founded in 2012 and based in Munich, Germany. The focus of the company is to help website owners optimize their website pages for a better search engine ranking and online traffic. The ultimate goal of the company is to encourage their users to make the web a better place for everyone, using OnPage to create high quality web pages that the users love to visit again and again.

Various Modules To Boost Your Search Engine Performance

With OnPage, you not only optimize your website by tweaking the website design. There are various modules that help you to tweak every aspect of your website. These tweaks then contribute to a better search engine performance for your website. These modules include Zoom, Focus, Impact, Content optimization, Keywords, and Monitoring. Each of the modules deal with one aspect of your website that needs to be optimized. For instance, the Focus module helps to analyze a single page on your website to find out the things that you can optimize to make your page better.

Free Website Optimization Tools To Help You Get Started

While using this software might cost you some expensive investments, you can always use the free tools to help you get started. Moreover, if you are unsure about whether you want to use this software or not, you can try the free plan. It allows you to create one project and use the service for free with limited functionalities. As for the free tools, there are Robots.txt Generator, Text Uniqueness Tool, Compatibility Check Tool, Google Snippet Optimizer, and Robots.txt Tool. You can use these free tools to give some tweaks to your existing web pages.

Easy-To-Use Technical Website Optimization Tool

Most people don’t know how to tweak their website pages manually. Most website owners even have difficulty to understand HTML or PHP codes, since they build their website using tools like WordPress that doesn’t require any PHP or HTML knowledge on their part. This is where OnPage becomes really useful for them. This is the software that offers the easy-to-use technical website optimization tool that helps website owners to tweak their web pages on the technical side. However, they don’t need to learn about the HTML or PHP codes to do that. With this tool, they can easily tweak their site structure, redirects, robots.txt, Sitemaps, and so on.

Content Optimization To Ensure High Search Engine Ranking

Among your website elements, one of the most important elements is content. Content is in fact the main element that can determine your site ranking, as well as user satisfaction. Without good website content, you may not be able to make your users to come back to your website again, even though it is ranked high in the search engine. With this software, it is possible to optimize various aspects of your website content to ensure the best search engine placement for your website pages.

Overall Site Performance Improvement

By using OnPage to tweak various aspects of your website, you can improve your overall website search engine ranking, which can in turn add more organic traffic to your website. However, even though you have more visitors coming to your website, you have to ensure that they can browse your website comfortably. This is where this software can really be helpful for you. Aside from improving the SEO aspects of your website, it can also help you to increase your overall site performance. It means that your visitors can access your website faster, since it helps you to increase your website’s response time, compress the web pages, reduce your multimedia file sizes, and optimize your website cookies as well.


Without a rigorous on-page optimization effort, your website can easily be placed at the bottom of the search engine ranking. This is because on-page SEO is way more important than just adding external links to your website. On-page SEO helps your website to naturally increase its search engine performance, even without any help of off-page SEO. OnPage helps you to optimize each web page of your website to ensure the best performance in the search engine. With various modules that it offers, each aspect of your website can be optimized for a better search engine ranking, so that you can attract more traffic to your website easily.


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