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By: Axandra GmbH

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SEOProfiler gives individual businesses and SEO agencies the platform that they need to launch their search engine optimization campaign. Whether you are using this software for your own business or for your clients, you can get accurate SEO recommendations and analytics from within your dashboard. With the branding feature that it has, SEOProfiler enables you to keep your SEO company looks professional for your clients. It offers a free trial account for new users.

Detailed Review


Offers the recommendations on backlinks, search engine optimization, and keyword research.


The plans are offered at a relatively expensive price. The Standard plan doesn’t include Link Disinfection tool and Hub Finder export features.


SEOProfiler provides a complete SEO features that are enough to keep your website on the top search engine position, such as rank monitoring, website audit, web page optimization, link building, competitive intelligence, and more.

SEOProfiler is a web-based SEO software that has been around since 1997. SEOProfiler is created and maintained by Axandra GmbH, an internet marketing company based in Staudt, Germany. The company also offers another product called "IBP" which is a desktop SEO application.

Accurate Search Position Tracking

SEOProfiler allows you to monitor and track your search engine ranking accurately, which allows you to see your website position in the 3 main search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Not only that, the search position tracking allows you to monitor your website ranking in various countries and regions. You can also get alerts and notifications related to your website ranking, actionable items to follow, and the search numbers of your keywords. With this feature, not only can you monitor your website position accurately, you can also do the necessary actions to start improving your website ranking.

Competitive Intelligence Feature

This feature allows you to spy on your competitors and learn their strategy. The software offers a complete tool to see through your competitor’s strategy, including their backlink data, rankings, and AdWords ads. Using these data, you can then formulate a strategy to outrank your competitors quickly and easily. Moreover, the software gives you the recommendations to do that.

Backlink Building Tools

With the backlink building tools, you can ensure that your website only has high quality backlinks. SEOProfiler can also help you to remove bad links from your site, which makes your website to be categorized as spam website. It is done with the Link Disinfection tool, which ensures that no spam websites are linking to your site. The software helps to optimize your backlink structure and balance it between the link quantity and link quality.

Keyword Research Tools

This software also comes with good keyword research tools that allow you to research for easy keywords to rank on the search engine, spy on the keywords that are used by your competitors, determine the difficulty for each keyword, and more. This feature can help you to launch your SEO campaign in a better way, whether you are targeting local or global audience. Not only it can help you to optimize the keywords to use within your website, it can also help you to optimize the keywords to use in your Google AdWords campaign, which helps to optimize your conversion rate in your PPC campaign as well.

Social Media Integration

The social media integration feature allows you to integrate your website with popular social media networks. With this integration, you are able to see the conversation about your product in the social media, so that you can respond to the conversation as quickly as possible. Whether it is negative or positive, you can always ensure that you are in control of the social media conversation about your business. This feature is especially helpful for you to keep a positive reputation for your business.

Website Analytics

SEOProfiler also integrates your website with Google Analytics service. It means that you get the most complete analysis report for your website in real time. The report that you get is presented to you in an easy-to-read format. You can also create an accurate report for your clients, which gives them information such as social media referrers, visitor information, conversion rate, keyword performance, and more.


SEOProfiler is one of the oldest and most comprehensive SEO software that you can find on the internet. The various features offered in this software helps you to outrank your competitors and reach the top search engine ranking quickly and easily. With various pricing plans available, this software can be used by any type of business, whether it is a small or big business. Despite the relatively high price that it offers for each plan, the money you spend in this tool is worth the value that you get from your investment. Moreover, the unique Link Disinfection tool allows you to rank your website high without spamming the search engine, which results in a more permanent ranking for your website.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Ranking Monitoring
  • Spying Competitors Google Ranking
  • Spying Competitors
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Ranking Intelligence
  • Adwords Intelligence
  • Website Auditing
  • Removing Errors
  • Link Building
  • Keywords Research
  • Monitoring Social Media
  • White-label Reports
Link Analytics
  • Analyze Links
  • Links Optimization
  • Removing Bad Backlinks


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Small Business
  • Mid-Sized Business
  • Enterprise
Pricing Model
  • Free Trial
  • Subscription
  • Cloud


Overall Visibility Score 47.00

Score Influencers

  • Overall
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Website Mentions
  • Estimated Visitors

Company Information

Company Name: Axandra GmbH

Founded In: 1997

Address: Nordring 21, D-56424, Staudt, Germany

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Alvin S | Submitted On: January 1, 2016, 3:30 pm


All-in-One SEO Software. Supports white label branding and ideal for any size of business. Own up to date backlink index and database. Includes everything from Link building to keyword research and much more.


Their backlink database isn't as big as Majestic or Ahref or even open site explorer (Moz). To find problem links, you may need to upgrade to alteast $99 plan.


Perfect for any size of business. Been using it since 6 months. Can't expect more for the price. Really nice and intuitive UI.


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