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SERPs rank tracking software has been designed for daily rank tracking and analytics of websites. This software is completely web-based and users can start tracking their website ranks by creating an account online. Users can also run SEO experiments here to check the performance and results of their SEO efforts. SERPs rank tracking tool automatically updates the search engine ranking of all keywords for your desired campaign.

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Local rankings, SEO effort tests, several tools, integration with Google Analytics integration, white labeled reporting, email alerts, third-part integration through API, mobile app, reporting of ranking changes, free trial, 24x7 customer support, wide knowledgebase


Costly, no PPC/CPC ad tracking


Ideal for SEO agencies who wish to have a comprehensive SEO tool with accurate rankings is a Web-based SEO suite for those who wish to monitor a set of keywords for each site or client. The company was founded in 2012 in Portland, OR. According to website, they claim to track more than 2,00,000 keywords for 5000 websites. It is exclusively designed to track accurate keyword rankings on daily basis with which you can easily impress your client or boss.

Apart from that, allows tracking the progress of a new SEO campaign by monitoring individual keywords rankings along with the changes in their rankings once you implement new strategies. With SERPs, you can even create keyword categories, export monthly reports, and export ranked URLs to assess page performance.

You can even activate the keyword view for having comprehensive ranking statistics that includes the keywords gaining the top position over a specific period. With these abilities, it seems that customization is the biggest selling point of this tool.


There are three plans on offer namely, Solo, Pro, and Enterprise. Each of these plans differs as per the volume of keywords, websites supported, user accounts, and number of backlink reports generated. Before you commit any plan, you can also try their 14 days trial to see if the product works for you. The Solo plan features daily updated rankings and white-labeled PDFs, while the Pro plan boasts all the Solo features but with 100% white labeling ability. The Enterprise plan, together with Pro features, comes with a custom domain, API access, and premium support.

Setup and Dashboard

Setting up is quick and easy, as it hardly takes five minutes. With a neatly organized layout, the dashboard retains all the essential data under one roof. This means you need not log in to different services to view the rankings, conversions, top pages, or traffic reports.

All you have to do is click the corresponding tab on the dashboard and analyze the data you need to monitor. The tool also comes with a customizable client-facing view of dashboard.

SEO Experiments (Testing Tool)

Would you like to prove your SEO success to the client in just a few minutes? Do you wish to know whether your SEO efforts are turning out to be fruitful or not? This is something that you can do with the SEO Experiment feature of SERPs.

It allows tracking multiple data points or metrics such as ranking on Google and organic traffic on it at the URL and at keyword level, right from the day when you implemented your new SEO strategy (such as new link acquired or on-page change to be tracked).

This kind of testing can be done through a correlation test wherein you can choose a SEO tactic or event and bind it to time and URL/ keyword. Daily, the tool then records the ranking of the keyword and change in organic traffic over time.

Tracking More Changes

SERPs reveals the current rank as well as changes in the rankings occurred since yesterday, past one week, last month, or even since you began to track the keyword. This means you also get to spot the gains or losses instantly.

Obviously, your client is going to love such proactive reporting. Moreover, SERPs offers several other visual insights, such as individual changes to pages and ROI they get, for boosting your SEO efforts straightaway. This makes it easy to monitor SEO campaigns at a granular level.

Local Rank Tracking can even track the ranking of a keyword across several different cities. It also handles Google+ local pages, which is essential if you have chosen Google+ for branding. According to official website, they allow tracking more than 100 countries. They also allow tracking via city name or zip codes (for US).

White Label Reporting

The reporting tool allows to create brandable PDF reports that are comprehensible to anyone who do not have basic SEO knowledge. The enterprise plan ($1999/month) allows more white labeling with custom domain and dedicated website. Such solution is usually ideal for digital agencies.

Other Features

Like other SEO tools or suite, SERPs also delivers ranking alerts through e-mails and allows creating team accounts. You can even quickly integrate your dashboards through its fully REST-compliant API. There is also an option to create on demand ranking report where users can create ranking reports for any website instantly without waiting for data.


Consider SERPs if you are a full-time SEO service provider and do not mind paying more for the features and tools you get.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Daily SEO Feedback
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Generating Insights
  • Running SEO Experiments
  • Analyzing Keywords Set
  • Tracking Mobile SEO
  • Tracking Location-based Ranking
  • Tracking Zipcode-based Ranking
  • Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited Clients & Teams
  • Correlate Traffic & Ranking
  • Importing SERPs
  • DataWhite-label SERPs
  • iPhone & Android App
  • CSV Reports
  • Keyword Research Tool


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Company Information

Company Name: SERPs, Inc.

Founded In: 2011

Address: 1410 NW Johnson St., Portland, OR, USA

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