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Slomin’s provides home security system with a world-class security protection. It features a touch screen panel, motion detector, security for up to 3 doors, battery backup, lawn sign and window decals, remote monitoring, and central station monitoring. It offers a single basic plan with monthly pricing option, with free Slomin’s Shield and free professional installation.

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Provides ultimate protection for your business, with employee access control, burglary and fire protection, and attendance tracking. Also helps to increase employee productivity, which helps to improve business performance.


Works with high-speed internet connection only, without any option for backup power in case of problem with internet connection or the power source. Doesn’t give any information about the average pricing for the security system.


Provides complete protection for all aspects of your business, allowing you to protect your property and assets from various kinds of threats. Time and attendance tracking allows you to monitor employee productivity and improve your business operations.

Slomin's is a home and security protection system provided by Slomin's Inc., a family-owned company founded in 1923 and headquartered in Hicksville, New York, USA. The focus of the company is to provide the comfort and the peace of mind for homeowners and entrepreneurs, knowing that their property and assets are protected all the time.

The company is committed to provide the best security protection service, with the best employees, high-end security products, and competitive pricing.

Fire Safety and Damage Prevention

The fire safety and damage prevention from Slomin's ensure that every part of your business is protected from possible fire accidents and other emergency situations, such as flooding and heating. The smoke detectors can detect smoke and notify the central monitoring station immediately to dispatch fire authorities to your business. This way, you can protect your property and assets from the risk of fire accidents even before it happens.

Other fire safety and damage prevention equipment provided by the company includes pull stations, water detectors, heat detectors, and sprinkler monitoring. If you have items stored in an underground storage, which has the risk of flooding, the water detectors can be installed to keep track of the water level.

Camera Surveillance and Burglary Protection

The camera surveillance system provided by Slomin's allows you to monitor all of your business activities anytime. You can choose between analog camera and IP camera to give you the crystal-clear live video of your business activities. You can also access the video feed generated by the surveillance cameras from any web-enabled devices that you have. The burglary protection system allows you to keep your assets safe from burglars.

You can ask the company representative to give you the best possible solution to prevent any burglar from entering your business place. There are various tools that you can install within your premise in order to protect your business from burglars, including motion detectors, door alarms, cellular backup, and more.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Not only the company provides security equipment to prevent any emergency situation in your business, it also provides the tools to improve your business operations. The time and attendance tracking can help you to monitor employee activities and calculate their work time.

This same tracking equipment can also help to save every employee within the building in case of fire emergency. The in-readers and out-readers can be installed in your doors to monitor the time in and time out of your employees, giving the accurate attendance data for your supervisors to check.

Access Card Control

The access card control allows you to control employee access to certain doors and areas. You can create access cards for each employee, with different access rights for each card. In this way, you don't need to use keys for different doors, as well as create duplicate keys for your employees.

With the card system, the employees can only get through certain doors that are authorized for them. You can also disable an employee card anytime you want, which in turn disable the employee access to certain doors. You can get the monthly activity log of your employees, so that you know which doors they enter at any given time.


Slomin's offers an ultimate solution for businesses to protect every part of their business from various threats, such as intruders, burglars, fire accidents, flooding, heating, and disasters.

The fire safety and damage prevention system ensure that you can get help from the fire authorities immediately whenever the smoke detectors detect smoke in your business area. The camera surveillance and burglary protection allows you to monitor your business all the time, and prevent burglars from entering your premise. The time and attendance tracking allows you to track employee performance and improve your business productivity. Finally, the access card control allows you to give different access rights for different employees.

Top Features

  • Touch-Screen Control Panel
  • Motion Detector
  • Secure Up Doors
  • Video Camera
  • Lawn Sign & Window Decals
  • Keychain Remote
  • Live Stream Videos
  • Multiple Devices Support
  • Remotely Arm & Disarm
  • Alarm Activity Alerts
  • Triggered Alarms
  • Password Security


Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote


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Company Information

Company Name: Slomin's Inc.

Founded In: 1923

Address: 125 Lauman Ln, Hicksville, NY, USA

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