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Provides a high quality free data recovery software that helps to recover your lost files, such as photos, documents, videos, and more. It is an all-in-one recovery solution for all your drives and file formats. It can help to recover your data in just 3 simple steps: select media, begin scanning process, and recover your lost files. Aside from recovering your common file formats, this software can also be used to recover your deleted emails. As a free software, it provides more features than the commonly available data recovery software in the market.

Detailed Review


Allows you to recover files in any file format in any storage device, whether it is external or internal storage. Provides the recovery operation for the lost data on corrupted or inaccessible storage devices, such as hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards.


Allows you to recover only 1 GB of data for the free version, with a quite expensive license price for the paid version. No data backup plan available for this version.


Provides a comprehensive data recovery solution that allows you to recover your lost data in any storage device, whether external or internal, and whether the drive is corrupted or not. The quick scan feature allows you to recover your data quickly and easily within minutes, which helps to save your time restoring the data that you need the most.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a data recovery software created and developed by Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., a private technology company founded in 1993 and based in New Jersey, USA. The company is dedicated to help the users to find their lost data back quickly and easily and save the users from the catastrophe that may happen when they lose their important data. The company provides data recovery, data repair, and system optimization software for more than 2 million customers worldwide.

Recover Lost Files From Any Storage Device

With Stellar Phoenix, you can restore your lost files from any storage device. You can recover your data from your internal or external storage devices without any problem. You simply need to choose the drive which you want to recover your data from, and then begin the data recovery process. This software is available for Windows. There is a Mac version available too but you need to buy license separately. So, whatever your operating system, you can easily get your lost data back using this software. Moreover, whatever the cause of your data loss, whether it is from virus attacks or drive errors, you can easily restore it with this software.

Search Your Files Effectively

This software is also equipped with an excellent file search function that allows you to search your files effectively. Whether you want to search the files that are on your drives, or the files that you have deleted from your drives, you can do it with this software. When you have thousands of files and a lot of drives on your system, it becomes more difficult to search for the specific files that you need. With this software, searching the files in any file format is an easy thing to do.

Quick Scan And Deep Scan Functions

There are two scanning functions that are available in Stellar Phoenix data recovery software, which are quick scan and deep scan. The Quick Scan function allows you to search your deleted files quickly in any storage device on your system, while the Deep Scan function allows you to search more comprehensively within the storage device to find the deleted files that you are looking for. Usually, the Quick Scan process can be used to find the recently deleted files on your hard drive, while the Deep Scan process can be used to find the files that have been deleted for a longer period of time.

Data Recovery For Mobile Devices

Not only can this software be used for data recovery on the Windows operating system, it can also be used to recover your lost data on your mobile devices as well. This is a handy feature of the software that allows you to recover the accidentally lost photos or videos on your phones without having to use a mobile recovery software to do that. Just connect your mobile device as an external storage device in your system, and search your deleted files on your mobile device from the software interface. Or, you can remove the memory card from your phone and connect it to your computer to start the recovery process.

Recover Data From Corrupted Drives

Corrupted or inaccessible drives can make it difficult for you to find the lost data that you need to recover. However, with Stellar Phoenix, you can connect the corrupted drives to your computer and start scanning for the lost data without any problem. This is where the many other similar data recovery software fails to deliver. Most data recovery software doesn’t allow you to access corrupted or inaccessible drives since the software cannot read the drives. But, with this software, the problem is solved nicely.


Stellar Phoenix is a strong data recovery solution that you can use to recover your lost data from any type of storage device. The Quick Scan process allows you to find your recently deleted files quickly and restore it back to your system. It helps to save time and resources to find the data that you need. The software also works well in restoring data from mobile devices and corrupted drives, making it better than other similar data recovery software that you can find online. Not only that, you can also use this software to quickly find specific files on your computer, making this software a recommended data recovery and file search solution for anyone who wants to find or recover their files quickly and easily.

Top Features

  • Simple recovery process
  • recover deleted files
  • support for all formats
  • support for all drives
  • recover from deleted partitions
  • recover media files
  • recover email files
  • preview files before recovery
  • multiple saving options
  • deep scan function
  • enhanced search option
  • recover up to 1GB of data
  • resume recovery progress
  • professional version with more features available.

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