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Vivint is a smart home security solution that helps to protect your home and family, as well as control your home from anywhere. It features 24-hour full monitoring, touch screen panel, door and window sensors, motion detector, smoke detector, and key fob. It offers three packages: Smart Protect, Smart Protect & Control, and Smart Complete.

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Provides simple and smart business security solutions that can be used in retail, office space, health care, restaurant, and automotive industry. The energy management system offers remote climate control to keep your business comfortable and safe.


There is no information regarding monthly pricing, setup, installation, and equipment costs available in the official website. Only offers a climate management system and doesn’t offer a robust fire protection system.


Provides the security system that keeps your life simple, with wireless technology and 24/7 monitoring. Protects various types of businesses, with the unique protection system adapted for each business type.

Vivint Security is a business security protection system provided by Vivint, Inc., a company founded in 1999 with offices located in USA and Canada. The main focus of the company is to provide a smart and simple security system with home automation, energy management, and high-speed internet solutions. In the past, the company was named APX Alarm before it was re-branded into Vivint in 2011.

Business Security

Vivint Security comes with a complete business security system that helps to protect your business from thefts, burglars, vandals, and other unwanted intruders. It comes with the award-winning 24/7 monitoring center that responds instantly to the emergency signal sent by your security system. With the trained professionals available all day, you always get the help that you need whenever you need it. The wireless technology used by this security system prevents burglars and other intruders from interfering with the security system by cutting down the phone line. Instead, it uses the always-on broadband and cellular connection to ensure that the system is always connected to the monitoring center all the time. The remote access feature allows you to control and manage your security system from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Energy Management

The energy management system from Vivint Security allows you to minimize the waste of energy usage within your business. In this way, you can also cut the monthly energy bills by hundreds of dollars. By managing your energy efficiently, you can run your company more comfortably. Vivint Security can help you to manage your energy by controlling the various appliances that you use within your business. For instance, you can set the lights to be turned off automatically in the night. You can also adjust the temperature of your building automatically, so that it is not too hot or too cold. This feature also comes with remote climate control, which allows you to manually control the room temperature in your business from your smartphone.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance system keeps your business protected and monitored 24 hours a day. You can use your internet-connected devices to monitor your employees, inventory, assets, and property, as well as prevent any illegal activities done by your employees and visitors. Aside from that, you can increase the efficiency level of your business simply by using the video footage from your security cameras. You can remotely view your business activities from anywhere to ensure that your employees are doing their job correctly. Moreover, the video surveillance system is integrated with all of the security technologies offered by Vivint Security, including the energy management system. The video footage is automatically stored in the cloud storage, so that you can watch certain video clips later.

Remote Management System

Vivint Security offers a complete remote management system to manage and control your business security from your web-connected devices. The mobile app from Vivint gives your smartphone the power to change the alarm and lock status within your business place. The automated sensors and detectors work seamlessly with the mobile app, ensuring an easy remote management for your security. The Vivint Live allows you to chat with the security professionals in the monitoring center at the time of emergency. The motion detection settings can be changed to notify you about anyone who enters or leaves your business building. You can also set your device to receive non-emergency alerts, which notify you when a certain event is triggered, such as when someone is entering a door, when someone is turning off the appliance, and more.

Unique Security for Each Industry

Vivint Security is installed according to the needs of your business, and it is designed to work with various types of industries. So, the installation of your security system is determined by the type of business that you have. The retail business can use this security system to keep their store safe and organized. The office-style business can use this security system to simplify the business workspace and ensure that your office is safely protected and efficient. The healthcare business can use this security system to manage their workspace more effectively, so that they can focus on treating their patients better. The restaurant business can use this security system to protect your inventory and employees from various illegal activities. And the automotive business can use this security system to help save the energy usage, protect your garage, monitor your inventory and employee activities, and more.

In Nutshell

The video surveillance system allows you to monitor all of your business activities and protect your inventory from thefts and burglary, and it is connected to the central monitoring station to ensure quick response in emergency situations. The remote management system allows you to use your smartphone and other web-connected devices to stay in touch with your business security, as well as manage the control of various security equipment even when you are off site. Lastly, the security system can be installed in any type of business, and it is fitted perfectly with your business style and needs.


Vivint Security offers a strong, simple, and reliable security protection for various types of businesses, serving the areas around the USA and Canada. The business security system ensures that your business is protected 24/7, as it is backed by the award-winning monitoring station that is always ready to respond to your emergency situation anytime. The energy management feature helps you to manage the energy usage within your business place and automate most of your appliances for the best efficiency.

Top Features

  • DoorBell Camera
  • Live HD Video
  • Garage Door Control
  • Motion Detection
  • Temperature Control
Cloud Storage
  • Auto Backup Files
  • Mobile Import
  • Easy Sharing Files
  • SkyControl Panel
  • Anytime Monitoring
  • Security Equipments
  • Mobile Application


Pricing Model
  • Custom Quote


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Company Information

Company Name: Vivint, Inc.

Founded In: 1999

Address: 4931 North 300 West, Provo, UT, USA

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