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Worksnaps provides a time tracking software designed for remote work, with screenshots for remote team collaboration. It allows you to track time with proofs, see work in real time, bill hourly-based payments, be more productive, integrate with other project management services, and more. The service is provided by Worksnaps, a company based in Fremont, California.

Detailed Review


Time tracking with live screenshots in addition to the employee reported time, ability to look at the real-time status of the projects, hour based payment schedule for more accurate billing, and integration with a range of platforms like Basecamp and Freshbooks.


Plans are not only friendly for teams with less than four.


WorkSnaps is an ideal time tracking software that attempts to reduce the inaccuracies in employee reported billable time and improve the overall efficiency of a team.


The software brings a lot of information like work details, client management, reports, and employee efficiency under one roof. Details like the idle time for a particular employee are available on the user dashboard.

Reliable Time Tracking

Apart from using the employee provided information about the hours worked, WorkSnaps relies upon screenshots to help the user to arrive at a precise conclusion with regard to the billable time entries. The screenshots, which can even include a webcam shot of the employee, also help find the productivity of a particular employee. The software does not require much manual labour in this regard, as it automatically updates the user reported time and computer activity. Computer activity represents aspects like keyboard and mouse volume during a predefined interval.

Live View and Screenshots

WorkSnaps helps keep in touch with the project, which may be performed across different locations around the world, in real-time. This eliminates any unwanted delays to the project that may be caused due to the lack of prior information. This works to the benefit of the client and the user since project efficiency improves. This feature is an extension of the screenshot facility, but the software has the option to start a private mode. In the private mode, only the administrator can access information about a particular employee which then can be made billable.

Roles, Permissions, and Organising

Project management is done through WorkSnaps using a variety of options that allow the user to set roles and permissions for every employee. Organising through the software provides the ability to set a specific project for an employee, which will then prevent access to other projects on the cloud.

Customised Reports

WorkSnaps provides reports that can be customised using several filters. The user can choose between viewing the live reports or any historical data. The reports can be exported in the CSV format for use in spreadsheet programs. The software also provides the ability to generate invoices based on the time logged by each employee. These reports can also be shared through several mediums. Reports are primarily available in calendar or timeline views.


WorkSnaps can be integrated in two-ways with popular platforms like FreshBooks and Basecamp. Projects can be imported from such platforms, while it is sufficient to update information on anyone. WorkSnaps synchronises with such platforms after the initial setup. Multiple third-party platforms can be integrated into this software at any given moment.

Lightweight Client

The software does not take up a chunk of resource while running on the workstation of a user or employee. The software can be set to provide screenshot notifications as and when it arrives. This feature can also be turned off. It runs on popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is designed to handle network disruptions and it relies upon local cache to store information during such circumstances. The information is being conveyed back to the user once the connection resumes.


WorkSnaps is focused on improving project efficiency while also trying to limit inaccuracies in the billable times reported by the employees. It features a comprehensive report page, which can be customised in several ways using filters identify areas where improvements can be made. Employee activity is monitored through aspects like screenshots, keyboard and mouse activity, and active applications during a specified interval.

The activity level feature in the platform helps identify less productive employees, who in turn increase the overall cost of a project.

Top Features


  • Tracking Time with Screenshots
  • Work Details
  • Organizing Projects & Users
  • Controlling Roles & Permissions
  • Individualized User Settings


  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Reports Customization
  • Reviewing Logged Time
  • Invoice-based Logged Time
  • Sharing Reports & Invoices


  • Light Weight Client
  • Friendly Notification
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Connection Resilience


  • Access API
  • Third-party Integration
  • Users Controls
  • Private Mode
  • Privacy Filtering


Ideal For
  • Individual
  • Startup
  • Small Business
Platform Support
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux
Pricing Model
  • Free Plan
  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription


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Founded In: 2010

Address: 5253 Tacoma Common, Fremont, CA, USA

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