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A distinct service designed for those having several sites to manage and need full control of weblog network without compromising on security.

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cPanel integration, bulk installation of plugins and themes, diverse security features, efficient maintenance, plugin management at one place and at one time.


Expensive in the beginning, No proper support options

WordPress is the versatile wordpress plugin for anyone who is getting started with blogging or Website creation. However, the problem is that this leading content management system is quite susceptible to hacker attacks in case the plugins are not updated frequently and when other security steps are ignored. This is especially a major issue when a Webmaster has to manage more than one WordPress site together and can’t keep up with all necessary security measures.

However, this issue is now easy to deal with the WPPipeline platform, a WordPress management service that safely manages several WP sites through a central dashboard. It resolves the safety concerns by offering an array of security features, including encrypting content, detecting downtime, and keeping all or selected themes, plugins, and WordPress version updated across one or few blogs or sites. Further, the service allows taking a backup, creating new posts, cloning sites, and deploying several themes and plugins across all sites with a single click.


There are three plans: Business, Standard, and Pro. Each of them differs in terms of price and number of sites supported.


WP Pipeline is available through two plugins namely, Master and Slave. The WP Pipeline Master must be installed on new site that becomes the main controlling site for all the other sites, whereas WP Pipeline Slave must be installed on each site that you wish to add for managing from one dashboard. You need to start by uploading the master plugin to a fresh WordPress installation (subdirectory or sub-domain, whichever you feel the easiest).

Once both the plugins are installed, you can add all the WordPress sites to the master site. From here, you will use WP Pipeline to access additional sites, obviously with admin credentials for each site. Any call to action taken from the Master site passes to the additional sites where they are performed as if you are manually doing them.

WPPipeline Dashboard

The main point to be noted here is that it integrates with C panel, which makes tasks simpler with one-click access. The central control panel allows managing all sites at once or even one at a time. On the left, the traffic light system reveals whether any of your site need plugins, themes, or version update. In case they need, you can just click once to update all sites. The same approach goes for installing themes and plugins

Blog Management

WP Pipeline allows adding or deleting blogs right from the master dashboard. You can add blogs individually or add multiple ones through the import function. You can even create a new blog in a few clicks or create several profiles based on already existing blogs. The latter feature is handy if you wish to set up several blogs having the same setup. It is also easy to create a clone of an existing blog.

User Management

This is another handy feature for allowing several users to access the master dashboard. Each user can be given proper privileges or permissions to dictate what they can access and what they cannot. This is certainly an admirable utility for those who have employees and clients accessing the blogs.

Blog Grouping

WP Pipeline allows creating several groups for categorizing your blogs. For example, you can have travel blog, finance blog, and health blog. This grouping makes managing even easier than before. Above all, the task of assigning access to these blogs to other users becomes free of hassles.


The service also allows creating scheduled or on-demand backups for your blogs and cloning them from one central location. You can choose to store these backups in your Inbox, AWS, FTP, or on your computer directly. In case of any mishap, you can easily restore the backup.

Central Directories

It is obvious that you need to install or use different plugins and themes for your sites or blogs. Unusually, you will have several such stuff that you have brought or used quite often. So now, how do you find them without wasting much time? Well, through this service, you can keep a library of all such themes or plugins for easily finding what you want.


WP Pipeline is truly an all-inclusive solution for managing multiple WP sites. Its security cannot be denied and that its features are truly useful at any point in time.


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