Time Tracking Software

If you are running an online business, time tracking software becomes one of the most important tools to grow your productivity. This is especially true if you are a professional, freelancer, or run a company with lots of outsourced and remote workers. If you don’t track your time properly, you might end up wasting your time and money.

Here are the lists of the best time tracking software that you can use to keep your business productive.



Hubstaff provides a time tracking software that allows you to take screenshots and monitor your activity levels. It features time tracking, app and URL tracking,...

By: Netsoft Holdings, LLC.


Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking software, which helps businesses and individuals to manage their time better. It features time tracking, distraction avoidance, webpage...

By: TimeDoctor.com



Toggl provides free time tracking software and mobile apps, with quick and easy user interface. It features one-click time tracking, team collaboration, detailed reports, transparent...

By: Toggl OÜ



RescueTime provides time management software that helps to keep the productivity in your workplace, as well as understand your daily habits. It features goal setting,...

By: RescueTime


Replicon Timeattend

Replicon provides hassle-free time tracking software, with web timesheet, timesheet management, and online timesheet system. It features instant project creation, billing management, easy time capture...

By: Replicon Inc



Harvest is a simple online time tracking software that helps to boost your productivity. It features one-click time entry, anywhere access, team collaboration, desktop time...

By: Iridesco, LLC



TSheets is a simplified time tracking software, which helps you to take charge of your time and money. It features QuickBooks integration, mobile time tracking...

By: TSheets.com, LLC



DeskTime provides an employee time tracker software for your company. It allows you to find and eliminate unproductive time, understand how your employees spend their...

By: Idea Bits, LLC



ClickTime provides simple hosted timesheets with easy time tracking feature. It features a simple time-entry interface, management and integration, mobile time entry, billable time entries,...

By: ClickTime.com, Inc.


Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot Monitor provides online time tracking and employee monitoring software for remote and freelance employees. The app helps in tracking office employees and assigning any...

By: ScreenshotMonitor.com



Bill4Time provides a simple time billing software that helps to recover your lost revenue and track your time anywhere. It features time tracking, expense tracking,...

By: Bill4Time


Tick Time Tracker

Tick Time Tracker provides a time tracking software that helps to keep your projects on track. It features simple and straightforward time tracking, time card,...

By: Molehill



eBillity is a time tracking software that you can access from anywhere. It features detailed employee and customer reports, unlimited customers, desktop and mobile time...

By: eBillity.com



Cashboard provides freelance time tracking and online invoicing software for businesses. It features unlimited clients and invoices, unlimited time tracking and projects, estimates and project...

By: Subimage, LLC.



Teams use Bric to confidently manage their calendars. Bric combines project management and time tracking to help you weave together people and projects. Plan capacity...

By: Bric



TimeCamp provides a time tracking software with automatic online time recording functionality. It features graphical timesheet, projects and tasks, manual timesheet, manual timer, budgeting, time...

By: Time Solutions, Inc.



HourGuard is a free timesheet, log, and time tracking software for businesses and professionals. It features one-click time management, task control, comprehensive work overview, time...

By: NCH Software Pty Ltd



Freckle provides a friendly online time tracking software designed for individuals, teams, and organizations. It features unlimited projects, multi-currency invoicing, powerful reporting, billing increments, un-billable...

By: Slash7 LLC



Timesheets.com provides a web-based time clock and expense tracking system for small businesses. It features an hourly time clock, project time, mileage and expense, time-off...

By: TimeClockOnline.com, Inc.


Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard provides a free online employee scheduling and time clock software. It features timesheet requests, advanced employee scheduling, email and text message schedules,...

By: TimeClockWizard.com



Worksnaps provides a time tracking software designed for remote work, with screenshots for remote team collaboration. It allows you to track time with proofs, see...

By: worksnaps.net



Dovico provides time tracking, web timesheet, and project management software for businesses. It features project time tracking, time and expense entry, automated notifications, approval workflows,...

By: Dovico Software Inc.



Journyx provides a time tracking and expense tracking software, which allows you to measure work profitability and bill customers. It features time and expense tracking,...

By: Journyx Master Services


Billings Pro

Billings Pro provides a time tracking and online invoicing software that allows you to track your work time and get paid faster. It features quick...

By: Marketcircle Inc.



Timeneye provides a simple and intelligent time tracking software, which helps to improve your overall time management. It features time tracking, team status, project monitoring,...

By: DM Digital SRL



Tahometer provides a simple time tracking software designed specifically for outsourced and remote workers. It features statistics view, detailed view, offline time, screenshot view, report...

By: Tahometer Ltd.



Chrometa provides time tracking software with passive time keeping functionality. It features automatic tracking, accurate timesheets, smartphone time capture, phone and meeting time, seamless integrations,...

By: Chrometa, LLC



TrackingTime provides a real-time and task-based time tracking software, with team collaboration and organization. It features online time tracker, built-in collaboration, task delegation, team productivity...

By: TrackingTime, LLC



BigTime is a professional time tracking and billing software for businesses. It features time tracking, mobile time and billing app, task and engagement tracking, dashboard...

By: Bigtime Software, Inc.



Yanomo provides a professional time tracking software, which integrates with Google Calendar. It allows you to sync with Google Calendar or any online calendar app,...

By: Yanomo int'l



WhiteRabbit is a free web timesheet aiming to help individuals, freelancers or teams to manage and invoice their projects. Time spent on the tasks of...

By: WhiteRabbit


SoftActivity Keylogger

A powerful keylogger for people who just want to keep a tab on some people whose devices they can access physically.

By: Deep Software Inc.

Buying Guide for Time Tracking Software

The world has truly become global in the last 20 years. This has given rise to a new kind of an industry where employees may not be required to be at a predefined destination. Further, specified working hours are not demanded from employees. While desk jobs were the first to embrace this style of work, it has later spread to other industries as well. The flexibility and freedom provided by such jobs are immense, but it also complicates the job of monitoring the status of a current project. It also makes it difficult to maintain payrolls. This is where a time tracking software becomes essential.

A time tracking software is primarily required to monitor the amount of time spent by an employee on a particular project. This can be done using a variety of ways like standalone desktop tools for each employee or manual entry by the employees themselves. In addition, the ability to monitor aspects like the employee activity or the ideal time can be used to enhance the efficiency of a project. The value quotient of a particular time tracking software is also greatly enhanced by its ability to integrate popular platforms like to PayPal.

Time Tracking

The primary objective of the time tracking software is handled through different means like a desktop application, which normally takes up only a little of the computer's resources, or a mobile app. The latter is particularly useful when attempting to track employees whose job may entitle them to be on the move. Mobile tracking can sometimes be done even with location history using the phone's GPS functionalities.

In-Depth Report

The information about the working hours of every employee are gathered and presented to the user in the form of a report, which may present several information like billable hours, inefficient employees, and project costs at the current rate of employee efficiency. These reports can be customised through several filtering options, while they can also be exported to other computing platforms like Excel for further research.

Proof of Activity (Screenshot Captures)

More often than not, the billable hours from the employee may be submitted by the employee themselves. The authenticity of the information can be verified through features like screenshots. The screenshots can be programmed to capture information about a specific employee at specific intervals. They could provide a wealth of information like the webpages being viewed by the employee and so on. The authenticity is also established by analysing aspects like keystrokes.

Payroll Management

In a scenario where the employees are located around the world, it becomes a major task to arrive at the weekly or monthly payment details for employees. Time tracking software can provide features where the system automatically uses all the approved 'billable time entries' to calculate the payments required for each individual. Some tools even come with the ability to pay the employees directly from the dashboard, thus eliminating another expansive process.

Management of Multiple Projects

Since each user may have multiple projects on their hands, it can get cumbersome to manage multiple employees across multiple projects. Time tracking software should make light work of this by providing the administrator with the power to choose and assign projects to different employees.


The global growth in the 'freelancer' type working style has led to various inconsistencies with regard to the hours worked by an employee and the total cost of an employee for a particular project. The time tracking software aims to reduce such inconsistencies, which will improve the overall efficiency of a project. This, in turn, leads to more profits for the user. Life is also made a bit easier because integration with platforms like PayPal, which would transform the time tracking software into a comprehensive management tool for the administrator. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a time tracking software, depending on features required, for ease of use and more profits.

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