Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software enables beginners or professionals to create and edit videos to meet their needs. Videos are used by people to save and share memories, while businesses use them for marketing and promotion of their services and products. Video editing is a vast area that may include adding effects, audio, animation, etc. to video files, or merging videos, or splitting them, and more. Many advanced video editing systems also offer features like live screen capture, video sharing, enhanced effects, etc.

Here are some of the most widely used video editing software and applications you can consider.


CyberLink PowerDirector

By: CyberLink Corp.

Web Visibility: 0.75%


Corel Video Studio

By: Corel Corporation.

Web Visibility: 0.75%



By: Wondershare Software From China

Founded In: 2003, Web Visibility: 66.00%



By: Serif (Europe) Ltd From UK

Founded In: 1987,


Nero Video

By: Nero AG From USA

Founded In: 1995,


Vegas Pro Edit

By: Sony Creative Software Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2003,


Movie Edit Pro

By: Magix Software GmbH From Germany

Founded In: 1993,


By: Responsive Video Technologies B.V. From The Netherlands

Founded In: 12 May 2017, Web Visibility: 3.62%



By: TechSmith Corporation From USA

Founded In: 1987,


AVS Video Editor

By: Online Media Technologies Ltd. From UK

Founded In: 2004,




Web Visibility: 7.34%


muvee Reveal

By: muvee Technologies Pte. Ltd. From Singapore

Founded In: 2001,


Adobe Premiere Pro

By: Adobe Systems Incorporated From USA

Founded In: 1982,


Final Cut Pro X

By: Apple Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1976,


PowerDirector Ultra

By: CyberLink Corp. From Taiwan

Founded In: 1996,


Movavi Video Editor

By: Movavi From Russian Federation

Founded In: 2004,



By: NCH Software, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1993,



By: Lightworks

Founded In: 1993,


Pinnacle Studio

By: Corel, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1985,


Roxio Creator NXT

By: Corel Corporation From USA

Founded In: 1985,


VideoStudio Pro

By: Corel Corporation From Canada

Founded In: 1985,




Founded In: 2002,



By: Highandes Ltd From Ireland

Founded In: 2000,



By: Forbidden Technologies plc From UK

Founded In: 2004,


Zoom Player

By: Inmatrix LTD

Web Visibility: 0.75%

While looking for the video editing software, you are presented with so many choices that it is easy to get overwhelmed. The evolution of technology has been pretty dramatic over the past decade. The video recording tools are digitalized and more advanced. Linear editing has had its day in the sun and is now almost passé.  The idea is to narrow down the options so that you could take the right pick. Here is the list of the most important parameters to help you make the right decision.

The Basics

Video editors these days are loaded with plenty of advanced features. But, all the extras wouldn’t matter if the editor cannot do the basic editing well. Regardless of the number of features added to the editor, basic editing remains as the mainstay of any editing project. The video editor should allow you to trip, join, split, crop, and slice the clips without any hassles.

Since the evolution of video technology, the word ‘basic’ in editing has broadened its scope. Simple transitions, animated transitions, chroma-key, and picture-in-picture (PiP) techniques are widely considered as basic. Unless it is a completely casual editing job, you will need these features for most projects.

Filters are also an integral part of any video editor these days. Even the most basic, lightweight mobile video editors include filters. The filters are presets that help you enhance the colours and also let you change the colour temperature and colour grading to a great extent. A good quality video editor must pack plenty of filters for the wide range of aesthetically appealing video effects.  

The ability to add multiple timeline tracks, text overlays, and audio clips is also more or less considered as basic. Even a slightly advanced video editor must include these features.

The Purpose

When it comes to buying the video editing software, there is a wide range of choices to pick from. On one end of the scale are the free video editors that include only the most basic features. On the other end there are high-end editors that bundle loads of advanced features and also cost handsomely.

Making the right choice could get a bit tricky, especially if you new to video editing. This is why, it is important to have a clear understanding of the purpose for which you are exploring the options so that you can make the choice accordingly. If you intend to create casual videos to share with friends on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, basic and free editors like Windows Movie Maker or Filmora should be good enough. On the other hand, video production houses that need to create professional grade videos would need expensive editors like Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Format Support

As the digital video recording devices are getting more powerful by day, they are also becoming much easier to use. A pretty broad range of video devices are available in the market with support for various output formats. High quality video content can be recorded on DSLRs, action cameras, mirrorless cameras, and even smartphones.

If your video editor does not support all kinds of formats in use, you will need to use an extra program to convert the video to the desired format – a tedious and wasteful task! If you believe you will need to work on a wide variety of formats, buy the video editing software that supports the desired number of formats.

Audio Editing

Audio editing is an exceptionally important part of video editing, especially if you work on professional videos. The sound quality must match the video quality or else the impact will be lost on the audience. Any good video editor is expected to have a good collection of canned music. But, that’s just a start. The ability to add custom soundtrack is crucial for professional video editing.

The video editor should also be able to separate video and audio tracks so that they can be edited individually if required. It should allow you to remove the background noise to render clearer audio. There should be an option to add the environmental audio effects to the video for better audio results. The more advanced video editors also offer ‘audio-duck’ feature, which let you lower the background during dialogue or narration.  


Above is the list of some of the most important aspects to consider while buying the video editing software. The choice of video editor largely depends upon the purpose. But, other factors weigh in too and influence your course of action. For instance, you need to take personal budget into account as well. Weigh your needs and options well to make a balanced choice.

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