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If you use a traditional phone service and make lots of international calls in your business, you can end up paying a lot of money for your phone bills. In order to cut cost for phone bills, a better business communication solution is required. VoIP Software can help you to save money on international calls, as well as unify your business communication in order to effectively improve your business productivity.

These are the best VoIP software solutions that you can use, whether for home or business: 



Provides an award-winning cloud business VoIP phone system designed to keep you more flexible and productive. It features free number porting, advanced call management, unlimited...

By: Nextiva, Inc.



Provides a free internet phone service that works smoothly with Nest devices. It features virtual receptionist, low international rates, voicemail, call logs, extension dialing, mobile...

By: Ooma, Inc.


RingCentral Office

Provides a complete cloud business phone system that offers functionality, reliability, and value. It features toll-free numbers, local numbers, international numbers, directory listings, auto-receptionist, music-on-hold,...

By: RingCentral, Inc.



Provides VoIP and instant messaging software that allows you to call and message other Skype users for free. It features video calls, group video calls,...

By: Skype Communications SARL



Provides home and business VoIP phone service with international calling plans. It features directory assistance, call center, call conference, international long distance, group calling, call...

By: Vonage Marketing LLC.



Offers cheap international calls and SMS service that allows you to save money when calling abroad. It features access numbers, international calls, free calling, international...

By: Rebtel Services S.à r.l.



Provides VoIP phone service that gives you flexible and unlimited calling. It features free call forwarding, free voicemail, free call waiting, free caller ID, crystal...

By: magicJack VocalTec Ltd.


8x8 Hosted VoIP

Provides a business phone service that allows your business to communicate with everyone everywhere. It features auto-attendant, extension dialing, hosted PBX, music on hold, ring...

By: 8x8, Inc.



Offers cheap international call rates that you can use with your mobile, landline, or computer. It features high quality voice, internet calling, contact management, internet...

By: Localphone Ltd.



Offers small business phone numbers that allow you to add business numbers to any phone. It features virtual voicemail, call forwarding, toll-free number, auto-receptionist, auto-attendant,...

By: j2 Global, Inc.



Provides home and business VoIP phone services that allow you to cut your call costs for up to 70%. It features block list, call waiting,...

By: Quality Speaks LLC



Provides PBX business phone systems that allow you to build simple business communications for your company. It features call recording, web and app dialer, permanent...

By: ShoreTel, Inc.



Provides VoIP services that offer unlimited calling and free VoIP adapter lease. It features telemarketer block, online call history, advanced voicemail, 3-way calling, custom caller...




Provides VoIP business phone service that allows you to add a second phone line or a complete business phone system to your existing phone devices....

By: Line2, Inc.



Provides cloud communication software that offers reliable call center solutions for local and international businesses. It features international toll free numbers, virtual call center software,...

By: Avoxi



Provides cloud-based hosted VoIP and unified communication service with voice, data, messaging, and mobility solutions. It features visual dial plan editor, time-based routing, call park/pickup,...

By: Jive Communications, Inc.



Provides VoIP phone service with cheap long distance rates, which can be used in residential and business phone devices. It features unlimited local calls, caller...

By: Comwave Networks Inc.



Provides free VoIP home phone service with local and long distance calls. It features free phone number, phone number transfers, call ID blocking, call forwarding,...

By: netTALK.com Inc.



Provides home and business VoIP service that allows you to save on your phone bills. It features direct inward dial, call hold, call waiting, anonymous...

By: Quality Speaks LLC



Provides a cloud-based business VoIP phone service that allows your business to become more productive, efficient, and mobile. It features account management, address book, analog...

By: Phone.com, Inc



Callcentric offers VoIP phone solutions to business and residential customers across the world. Using software on mobile devices or computers, IP phones, IP PBXs, ATAs...

By: Callcentric, Inc.



Voip.ms offers feature-rich VoIP services including Termination, Organization and PBX services to users across the country. It helps users to optimize their communication with business-class...

By: Swiftvox Inc



BasicTalk is a low-cost, easy-to-use phone services which helps people in getting back to basics. Users get unlimited nationwide calling. It offers caller ID, voicemail,...

By: BasicTalk™



VoipVoip transforms the way we use phone services with its VoIP solutions that has no expiration, contract or monthly charges. It enables users to make...

By: Kosmaz Technologies LLC.



OneSuite is a leading company providing integrated telecommunication services. It provides users with the most convenient telecommunication services at budget-friendly rates. The suite of products...

By: OneSuite Corporation



Flowroute offers intelligent telecom solution to modern businesses. It enables businesses for integrating messaging and calling capabilities into their services and apps. It provides businesses...

By: Flowroute Inc.



InPhonex lets service providers and channel partners to offer a complete set of carrier-level telecommunication services for residential customers, businesses and enterprises. With a flexible...

By: InPhonex.com



Toolani offers it clients, cheap international calls to more than one hundred and ninety countries across the globe. The service provided by Toolani will work...

By: Toolani GmbH



Net2Phone, a leading distributor-based Voice over Internet Protocol service provider provides a comprehensive set of voice solutions through Net2Phone and deliver low-cost, high quality calling...

By: net2phone, Inc.



KeKu offers high quality mobile applications and calling technology for connecting people across the world. With KeKu in place, customers will be able to connect...

By: KeKu®, LLC



Ringo is a mobile application that works on Windows, Android and iPhone devices and it offers low cost and high quality international calls. Ringo provides...

By: Riva FZC



Lingo offers affordable, quality, reliable residential phone services across the nation. The company provides digital phones with more than 20 features and a range of...

By: Lingo, Inc.



ViaTalk is a leading VoIP service provider which offers cost-effective plans to users. ViaTalk offers a complete, most effective web phone service to business and...

By: ViaTalk LLC



ITP VoIP is premier VoIP service provider for business and residential users. It helps users who want to equip their office or home with the...

By: Itp, Inc.



Rangatel offers Cloud-based PBX services to medium and small business. It offers auto-attendant, audio/video conferencing, DND, remote employee, multi-office and FollowMe services to companies at...

By: Rangatel Inc



CallHippo is an on-demand Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service, Providers. CallHippo allows startups and businesses to buy instant local support numbers from over 50+ countries around...

By: CallHippo

Business VoIP Buying Guide

With the ever-expanding global business environment, communication between your business or brand with your customers has become increasingly important to keep your business running on the right track. Thus, it is no longer possible to keep your communication line running in the traditional telecommunication system. You need a better system that has the capability to manage, store, and regulate all communications within your company so that you can deliver the best service for your customers.

This is where a good business VoIP service will be needed for your company. With the business VoIP service, you can save a lot of money on the telecommunication charges, simplify the way you make and receive calls, as well as put your branding in your business phone number. With an array of useful features that will help you to run your business even more efficiently, such as voicemail feature, phone forwarding option, unlimited calls, toll-free or vanity numbers, and many more features, you will be able to take your business communication to the next level.

How VOIP Can Help?

The benefits that you can get from using the right business VoIP service for your business will be tremendous. You will be able to improve your business brand and reputation, keep your professionalism in your business calls, accept and respond to every customer inquiry, take your business with you anywhere, and more. However, it is important for you to pick the right VoIP service provider, since it will likely be a long-term investment for your business. So, here’s a little guide to help you pick the right VoIP service provider for your business.

Unlimited Call Minutes

It is important to know whether the business VoIP service that you want to use will provide you with unlimited call minutes or not. Some services will limit the call time to certain minutes, but in business, you need to make and receive calls as long as you need it, so it might as well be good for you to choose the service that offers unlimited call minutes for your business. This will ensure that you will not get any additional charges for the extra calls that you have in your business.

Mobility & Flexibility

If you are mobile and you want to be able to take control of your business anywhere you are, it is best to choose a service that offers the best mobility and flexibility for your business. For instance, there are business VoIP services that can only be installed in your office by using a specific VoIP phone hardware, with no flexibility in choosing the device that you can use for the service. The best VoIP service should give you the maximum flexibility and mobility, by allowing you to use the system in any device that you want to use it, such as your smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, landline, or even the specific VoIP phone hardware. This way, you can be connected with your customers all the time, wherever you are.

Integration & Management Features

The virtual phone system that you are using needs to be able to integrate with your existing business software and applications smoothly, such as Zendesk, Salesforce, Outlook, and so on. It also needs to have an easy-to-use management features that allow you to manage your account in the most convenient way, either online (web-based) or via a desktop software or mobile apps.

Pricing Per User Vs Per Service

Some services will give the pricing plans per user, and some other services will give flat-rate pricing plan per service. You need to choose the pricing carefully, depending on the size of your business and the number of employees that will have access to your business phone number. In some cases, it would be more cost-effective to use a per-user pricing, while in other cases, it might be more cost-effective to use a per-service pricing.

The Supported Area

If you are running a global business with worldwide customers, you need to use a business VoIP service that supports worldwide customers, whereas if you have the company that only operates nationwide, it is better to stick with a business VoIP service that only supports the US customers.


Using the parameters above, you can choose the right business VoIP service to use in your company, which will be one of the best long-term investments for your business. And remember, you also need to ensure the service reliability, so that you can always communicate with your customers, regardless of the weather condition or any other factors that may interrupt your business communication.

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