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If you want to build a professional website for your business, create a personal blog, or sell products online, you have to know about how to build a website. However, building a professional website may cost you a lot of money to pay the website designers and programmers. Website Builder Software helps to save your website building costs and allows you to build a professional website quickly in a simple way.

These are the best website builder software solutions that you can choose:



By: Ltd From Israel

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 92.50%



By: SITE123 From Israel

Founded In: 03/01/2016,



By: Jimdo GmbH From Germany

Founded In: 2007, Web Visibility: 82.38%



By: Strikingly, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2012, Web Visibility: 69.88%



By: Weebly, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 90.88%



By: Webflow, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2012, Web Visibility: 61.88%



By: SimpleSite ApS From Denmark

Founded In: 2003, Web Visibility: 62.88%



By: Webstarts Corporation From USA

Founded In: 2007, Web Visibility: 66.75%



By: Webnode AG

Founded In: 2008,


By: Solutions Inc. ( In2net Network Inc.) From Canada

Founded In: January 1, 2012, Web Visibility: 0.75%


By: Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. From USA

Founded In: 2001, Web Visibility: 84.25%



By: WZ (UK) Ltd From UK

Founded In: 2014, Web Visibility: 41.90%



By: Yola Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2007, Web Visibility: 75.38%


By: WZ (UK) Ltd From UK

Founded In: 2014, Web Visibility: 28.56%


GoDaddy Website Builder

By: GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC From USA

Founded In: 1997, Web Visibility: 94.50%



By: Squarespace, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 2004, Web Visibility: 86.25%



By: hPage Ltd. From Malta

Founded In: 03/30/1991,



By: Ucoz Ltd. From Cyprus

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 70.13%



By: Homestead Technologies Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1997, Web Visibility: 65.88%


By: Group, Inc. From USA

Founded In: 1997, Web Visibility: 77.50%



By: Viviti Technologies, Inc. From Canada

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 58.88%



By: SiteMaker Software Ltd. From UK

Founded In: 1999, Web Visibility: 70.25%


IM Creator

By: IM Creator Ltd. From USA

Founded In: 2011, Web Visibility: 63.25%



By: Incomedia s.r.l. From Italy

Founded In: 1998, Web Visibility: 57.13%


Zoho Sites

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA

Founded In: 1996, Web Visibility: 75.13%



By: Subscriber and Armadil Ltd. From Israel

Founded In: 2010, Web Visibility: 64.38%



By: SnapPages™ LLC. From USA

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 60.75%



By: Virb From USA

Founded In: 2008, Web Visibility: 60.63%



By: Doodlebit, LLC. From USA

Founded In: 2006, Web Visibility: 51.88%

Note: Pricing mentioned above is per month pricing. You can also check our desktop website design software which mostly offers desktop app for one time fee.

Features to Consider while Choosing an Apt Free Site Builder

Whether you are a freelancer or small business owner, having a professional presence on the Web is just indispensable. However, not all of us have that technical expertise or coding knowledge to create and host a Web site. Therefore, most of us look for a professional designer or developer for creating an attractive and functional site. However, this can be quite expensive, especially for the businesses and professionals with limited budget. This is exactly when a free Web site builder can come at your rescue.

Why Online Website Builder?

With a free online site builder, you can create and host a dynamic Web site in minutes, without having knowledge of coding or development. You can even edit and manage the site without the need of developers. There is no need to download or install the builder, as you can do all the tasks online itself. These builders are also useful for big businesses that are looking for good hosting solutions along with advanced e-commerce and SEO tools.

At present, several free Web site builders are available online, which can confuse you. Therefore, it is recommended choosing an appropriate one by comparing the features with your needs. Here are some features to look for!

Drag-n-Drop Editing

It is wise to look for a drag-n-drop builder or editor, which allows you to place any design element at the right place in just a second. Such an editor eliminates the need to know about HTML or any other coding, which means even the non-technical staff can use it to create the site.

CSS3/HTML5 Support

Instead of Flash, look for a builder that allows you to be build an CSS3 & HTML5-compatible site. This is essential not only from design point of view but also from SEO perspective. HTML5 allows you to create a dynamically attractive site that the crawlers can more easily index than the appealing Flash components. Flash is also problematic when it comes to converting the existing site into a mobile version. Many browsers and operating systems (for example iOS in iPad) stopped supporting Flash since long.

Creation of Mobile Version AKA Responsive Designs

Having a mobile version of your desktop-based site is essential these days, as the customers tend to access your site from different devices such as tablets and smartphones. Luckily, there are many builders that allow creating a mobile version of your newly created site. However, choose the one that has no proprietary ads in it. Some builders even allow you to choose a variety of mobile optimized website versions rather than one standard. Obviously, more is always better!

Hosting Ability

It is wise to choose a free site builder that has storage and bandwidth capabilities enough to ensure 24x7 scalability when required. Further, the builder must allow publishing unlimited pages and even sites, in case you are into a multipurpose business. There are a few free builders that give you a free domain and an e-mail address as well.

When your website grow, for more flexibility, You may also want to move your site to another hosting provider (may be a shared or a vps) in the future, you should be easily allowed to move your files without any restrictions when you want to.

Marketing Tools

Just developing and hosting a site is only half work done towards creating your online presence. You also need to promote it through different marketing mediums. Therefore, look for a website builder that allows you to market your site through proper SEO, Analytics tool, free Facebook ads and Adwords credits, and social media buttons for sharing.

Some website builders make it very easy to integrate your website with third party software. For example, Wix has a setting to directly connect website with Google analytics. Their Wix App Market also has many apps to easily install website tracking code without much hassle. This can be huge time saver for many non techie users.

Design Templates

With the help of premade design templates, site can be build in just few clicks. All you need to do is just to update content. Design templates can make your life easier when you have no much idea about layout or colorschemes and want to get started with web designs quickly.

Certain website builders also allow to import web design templates designed elsewhere, meaning you can upload the package to your account and start editing immidiately without playing with HTML or CSS stuff.

Diverse Apps and Widgets

Nowadays, just adding text and images to a site is not going to attract maximum customers. In fact, a site must have diverse sections such as Polls, Forum, Blog, IM, FAQs, Web Store, Catalog, and Videos to grab attention of more and more customers. This is exactly what you get by using apps and widgets that several free builders offer.


This is another indispensable feature to look for! If the builder does not create a secure site, there is no point in using it, not matter how appealing its templates may be. Therefore, you need to look for automated backups, password protection, user role creation, sandbox for previewing changes, and SSL certificate.

Forms and Integrations

When you start a website, you may often need to communicate with your visitors. Sometime you may need to collect various information from them. Forms can help you with that but if you don't know coding, it can be tricky to integrate forms with your website. Most leading website builders offers form creation tool as standard feature.

You should also check if these tools offers integration with third party apps such as email marketing software or survey software to collect feedback from users.

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