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WordPress is a very popular and probably the easiest to use content management systems. In order to create a WordPress website or blog, we need a WordPress theme. There are free WordPress themes that can be downloaded and used for free. Premium WordPress themes need to be purchased before you can use them. A WordPress theme shop is an online platform that lets you find and download/buy the best suitable WordPress theme for your website or blog. There are several of these platforms, some of which we are going to discuss next.

A WordPress theme helps you give shape to the visual impression you want provide to your readers, customers, or any other visitors on your Wordpress website. A theme allows you to customize the look and feel of your blog and choose how and where your logo, content, images and menu options are organized. Drawing traffic to your website is of utmost importance. However, to keep your visitors engaged and have them visit again, your theme must be attractive, clutter free, and intuitive.

Often, pre-installed themes that accompany a WordPress blog or website look very plain and boring. If you're a beginner or simply want to create a casual blog, then pre-installed themes may be good enough. However, if you're creating a blog or website to support your business, or if you're looking to showcase your company's styles, products and services, then you would want your website to look sophisticated and unique.

To lend your own touch to your website and also attract web traffic, you need to obtain a theme that matches your business needs and helps promote your products and services. However, before you go looking for the perfect theme, it's important to consider what you requirements are. Here are some questions to help you get started.

Layout and Aesthetics

Are you looking to publish more written content, such as with blogs, or do you have products or services that you want to promote?

These days many Wordpress themes designed with simplicity and user engagement in mind. However you can mostly find it from professional theme clubs rather than free themes.

If your primary intent is to engage your readers through a blog, then the focus must be exclusively on the written content. While you may include aesthetic images and graphics, the webpage must look clutter free and without distractions. On the other hand, if you run an ecommerce shop, then you want to select a theme that puts the focus on your products and their description. You may also need to verify if you can include different payment options for your customers to buy your products.   

Theme Features

You should decide what type of features and functions are you looking to incorporate when you select wordpress themes for your site. You should also check if color schemes, fonts, and styles very important for you, or if you are more keen that your website's monetization optimized. Many Wordpress themes today comes with ads ready options too.

No matter what your website requirements, there are some features that are a must have. For instance, if you want your website to be accessible on the go, then the theme must be mobile responsive. Likewise, if you want more new visitors to your website every day, then your theme must ensure that your website ranks high in search engine results.  

In addition, if the layout, background and color scheme of your webpage is vital to the success of your business, then your theme must allow you to control these aspects so can obtain the exact designs and patterns that you're looking for.


Some themes are highly customizable in that they allow users to modify each and every aspect of their webpages. However, such themes may come with bloated code that may eventually make it less responsive. On the other hand, a theme may lend itself to customization, but only if you're comfortable with coding and HTML 5 and CSS files. Even if you are tech savvy, you may want to devote more time to your business than develop your webpages.  

A Free Trial and/or Demo

You should check if the the theme provider allow you the option to try out a theme for a limited time before purchasing it or they provide a Demo of the theme atleast so you can see website in action.

Many theme providers allow a free trial period. Other theme providers may offer a limited-period no-risk refund in case you're not happy with the theme. A trial or risk-free period allows you to try out different color and layout combinations on your webpages. It even allows you to determine how user friendly their control options are.  Furthermore, if you come across too many issues while working on your pages, you can decide not to go with them, or seek a refund. It's also a good opportunity to test their support measures.


Most theme providers tend to support their themes via community forums. This medium of support lets users identify common problems and also help each other, building a network in the process. However, besides forums, users must make sure that there are detailed documentations and FAQs available. Video tutorials can be particularly beneficial for beginners. An email support system is also desirable in case you have unique issues or prefer personal attention.  


Once you've decided what you need from a theme, it's time to home in on the various theme providers in the market. Remember, there are thousands of themes to choose from, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. What's important is that you get your website up and running! You can always choose a different theme if you're not happy with one.

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